Intel Widi and Other PC to TV Wireless Adapters

Various models of PC to TV wireless adapter you can find in the market including Belkin widi, Netgear PTV2000 and D-Link DHD-131


In the past, if you wanted to watch a movie you used to go to the big screen Cineplex theater building or something. Watching the movie in such a theater building was the only option. Times have changed, the movie can be watched not only in the theater, you can watch through your own home theater at the comfort of your living room, or it could be through a laptop or computer. Last two options, namely watching movies through the laptop and the computer may just be comfortable to watch alone.

What if you and all family members or a group of friends surrounding your laptop to watch the movies through only maybe 14-inch screen? It would be uncomfortable, images viewed from the side is also sometimes less than perfect. For that PC to TV Wireless Adapter is offered so you can watch what is on the computer screen through your wide screen HDTV.

Various Models of PC to TV Adapter

Currently you have many options to enjoy watching the movie with your HD TV from your laptop or desktop computers at the comfort of your living room together with the family or friends. Not just movie files, but also internet movies.

The following lists some of the adapters you can use to stream movies to your HD TV, no clutters of the wires.


Belkin WiDi Adapter

Belkin WiDi is one models of PC to TV Wireless Adapter is designed to stream media from your laptop with WiDi enabled to your large screen HDTV – no wires.

The shape is compact oval and small box with curved corners thinner also reminds me of a compact portable DVD player, the appearance is cool and elegant. However, this product is not just any computer can be compatible, but laptop with Intel WiDi can.

Belkin Widi

Intel with its WiDi (Wireless Display) technology has been adopted by some types of Laptop (such as Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904, Dell Studio 15z and Sony VAIO S Series) which allows you to watch whatever running on your small size of your laptop screen to your large screen HDTV – no wires.

Generally you do mind with the hassle of running your HDMI cable to your HDTV and look untidy with the clutter of the wires around the living room. However, with WiDi you can forget all of those inconveniences. What you run on your small size screen of the laptop (with WiDi enabled), you can watch it in your large screen HDTV – no wires.

This is what the function of Belkin WiDi for that allows you to watch what is on the computer through your big screen TV, but only laptops with WiDi enabled. This Belkin wireless TV adapter can only work with the laptop featuring the Intel WiDi (wireless display) and powered by 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor. You can stream the multimedia contents from the internet (including Netflix®, YouTube® and Pandora) to your WiDi laptop and then streams them to your HDTV with a full-HD up to 1080p resolution.

Besides all of the easiness and conveniences this Belkin wireless TV adapter offers, one thing that you need to note is that this adapter can only work with the laptop with the WiDi feature. If you don’t have a laptop with WiDi feature, you better consider of purchasing the Roku, Apple TV or Boxee which are more flexible in streaming internet contents to your HDTV.


Netgear PTV2000

Another PC to TV Wireless Adapter product which is similar to Belkin WiDi is Netgear PTV2000. You also require a system with Intel WiDi and HDTV or standard analog TV with HDMI input.

The dimensions of this model: 106 x 138 x 32 mm (4.17 x 5.43 x 1.25 in) and Weight: 180 g (.40 lbs), is like a box with a bit thick and I honestly prefer Belkin WiDi adapter than this device. Belkin WiDi looks more elegant, artistic and sweet if placed near your HDTV. Belkin today is indeed releasing many products that not only pleasing to the eye but elegant and integrated with your room decoration.

Same with Belkin, Netgear PTV2000 lets you enjoy your leisure time after working all day to watch movies, TV shows or any content from the internet from your WiDi laptop to the TV screen with high resolution up to 1080p.

PTV2000 by Netgear

If your TV is of the old model which is not equipped with an HDMI port, do not worry because this product supports AV composite analog port as well as HDMI port.

Make sure that your internet connection is high speed, fast enough to deliver HD streaming video. Should you subscribe Cable broadband internet, you can upgrade your modem to new model such as Arris Surfboard SB6141 – it’s a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem or other models. Or you may also like all-in-one device such as Netgear C6300 wireless ac cable modem gateway.


D-Link DHD-131 

Another product from D-link that serves the same function – PC to TV Wireless Adapter is DHD-131. Compared with Netgear product above, this one is more pleasing to the eye and sweeter, though not as elegant as Belkin product. It’s like a box but the corners are not sharp but smooth forming elegant grooves.

dlink dhd1311

You can drag a movie onto the windows extended screen to let you watch on your large screen HDTV and at the same time you can continue work with your computer tasks including surfing, email, editing documents and so on.

This adapter also supports HDMI out and stereo 5.1 surround; or Analog audio (RCA L/R), No codec limitations and no DRM issues.



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