How Good Netgear R6100 Compared With D-link 850L

Netgear R6100 is one of wireless ac1200 routers with fast Ethernet ports and one USB 2.0 port for sharing storage and printer. How good is it compared with D-link 850L ac1200 router?


For medium to large home with multiple network devices including wifi devices such as game consoles, streaming media, Android and iOS mobile devices, creating solid wifi network based on fast wireless ac router with the price around $100 or less is possible. However, some networking vendors do not want to bury their bunch of wireless N based routers that are still available in the market by reducing the features of wireless ac routers that fall into the medium class wireless ac routers with the prices around $100.

For example Netgear R6100-100NAS costs around $100, half price of the fastest Netgear R7000 router that has full features and becomes the flagship product in high end routers. D-link does the same thing, it offers D-link 850L which the price is around $90 and is 50% cheaper than its DIR-868L series – D-link flagship product in high end routers.

Most vendors offer various models with different features and prices you can choose to suit your business needs. Purchasing high end router to create wifi environment for your small to medium home just to support your Kindle Fire, Android and iOS mobile devices does not make sense. See also article about best routers for your Kindle or Android devices.

Netgear r6100 wireless ac1200


Let’s have a look the comparison between Netgear R6100 and D-link 850L to support your home wifi environment. Please refer to the comparison table below that lists some main features to help you understand the differences if any.

Watch this video tour for Netgear R6100 for a better understanding about the product (courtesy by Netgear and YouTube).

Wifi tech

Both routers come with the same wifi technology – the wireless ac1200 technology delivering total bandwidth up to 1200Mbps. This is ideal for your small to medium home with multiple clients including laptops, mobile devices and multimedia devices such as XBOX, Blu-Ray or Smart-TV. With the addition of wireless client adapter such as Netgear WNCE3001 universal wifi adapter for single Ethernet-base device, or you can add a multi-port wireless bridge such as Linksys  WUMC710N 4-port wifi bridge.

If your desktop or laptop would like to keep up the speed of up to 800Mbps your router can deliver in 5GHz band, you can upgrade them by adding Netgear A6200 wireless ac1200 USB adapter. It’s a dual band wireless ac adapter and is backward compatible with any 802.11a/b/g/n devices.

The antennas are designed internally, however they are not designed as smart as the beamforming antenna that is embedded on Netgear R7000 as well as D-link 868L. This antenna technology broadcast in any directions but lock the wifi clients by sending beam for solid connection.

Interface ports

Gigabit port in D-link 850 is faster off-course, ten times faster than the fast Ethernet embedded on R6100 router. However most people do not utilize the gigabit ports in its top utilization in daily home computing, however with gigabit port ready your router is ready for high bandwidth demand applications if required.

Dlink DIR-850L Cloud router

USB port is the same, one USB 2.0 port for sharing storage or printer. However, what makes different is the USB port feature on D-link 850 that comes with MyDlink SharePort technology. What you can do with this shareport USB port? With shareport, you can access your content (video, music, images and other documents) anywhere, anytime and on any device something like your personal cloud storage.

Watch this video tour to help you understand what MyDlink shareport is (courtesy by D-link and YouTube)

You can use your mobile devices including iPod, iPhone, iPad with iOS v4.3 or later and other Android with v 2.3.3 or later. Other compatible D-link wireless ac router supports Shareport including D-link 860L and 868L.

This is the main different between Netgear R6100 and D-link 850L, the cloud feature. Netgear comes with Netgear Genie apps you can download for free to help you manage your home network including network troubleshooting and manage your connected devices from the palm of your hand (coming soon).

Comparison table Netgear R6100 Vs D-link 850L

 Netgear R6100D-link DIR-850L
Wifi technologyWireless ac1200Wireless ac1200
Speeds300 Mbps + 867 Mbps Up to 300 + 867Mbps
AntennaInternal smart array antennaInternal Smart Antennas
EthernetFast Ethernet 4x LAN and 1x WANGigabit Ethernet 4xLAN and 1xWAN
USB1x USB 2.0 for share storage or printer1x USB 2.0 port for sharing printer, storage with Shareport technology for personal cloud storage
Guest networkYesYes
Cloud featuresNoYes
On Off buttonsWifi and power on-off buttonsPower on-off button
Customer rating3.7 out of 5 stars3.7 out of 5 stars
PriceAround $100Around $98

Do you always leave the wifi ON all the time when your router is ON? Netgear gives you a Wifi On-Off button, a feature that is frequently useful when you the only client that connect to the router using wired connection, save the energy for green environment.

Instead of using wireless router, today you better upgrade your existing wireless router with mesh wifi system. Netgear offers you Netgear Orbi CBK40 mesh wifi router with modem. The mesh wifi system with built-in DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem.

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