How Good Netgear 4500 v2 Compared with Others


Probably the first dual band wireless 450Mbps each band shipped into the market was Trendnet TEW-692GR. Some time later Netgear and other vendors introduced similar routers but enriched with more features including the USB port inclusion which is not equipped in Trendnet 692. You can mention Netgear 4500 comes with two USB ports and more sophisticated features. Let’s focus on this product and how it is compared with other routers in its class.


What this product does

The main focus was to introduce into the market the fastest dual band router to compete with others with richer features. The model is flat and slim, elegant on your table with stand. You can also laying horizontally on the table, however place it vertically would save the space. The latest models of Netgear routers are designed differently, you can mention new 4700 and R6300 with the shape is like parallelogram. The new WNDR4500 v2 comes with richer features now.

Main features

  • Based on N900 wireless technology
  • Dual band simultaneous – aggregated bandwidth up to 900Mbps
  • High speed wired Ethernet ports: 4x Gigabit LAN and 1x Gigabit WAN interfaces
  • Include two USB 2.0 ports for hosting USB external storage and printer; cloud ready
  • Ideal for 3D and HD video streaming and fast responsive gaming
  • DLNA certified media server
  • Time machine compatible

How these rich features router compared with others? Before the introduction of 5th generation of wifi technology, this N900 wifi router was so popular and was the fastest router introduced to the market ever.

Speed and range

With the blazing speeds of up to 450Mbps each band, whether your wifi clients operate in either 2.4GHz or 5GHz band the router can deliver the same speeds up to 450Mbps as long as your wifi clients support the same speeds. Upgrade your desktop or laptop computers with Netgear wireless USB N900 adapter WNDA4100 for maximum data rate throughput, or brand new laptops that come with 3×3 450 Mbps adapter like Centrino® 6300/5300 would perform best.

Netgear 4500 v2

For wired connection that’s OK mostly all wireless routers in its class come with Gigabit interfaces, you can mention Linksys 4500 or Airport Extreme all have the same wired speed for connecting direct to the computers with gigabit NIC adapters.

USB ports

In the past, mostly Netgear routers with USB port could not be used to host USB printer but disk storage. The first Netgear router with USB port that could be used to host printer is WNDR3800 – a premium router with Apple time machine compatible. And 4500 is the first Netgear router that comes with twin USB ports with the capability of sharing the printer and disk storage concurrently. This feature should have been applied long time before since Asus Black Diamond series with two USB ports can share both storage and printer at the same time. Even couple of Asus router series introduced earlier came with the same feature.

Cloud ready

Netgear 4500 v2 now supports Ready Share Cloud service to allow you share and access USB attached storage remotely. This is not free except before sep 2014, you need to pay annual fees for this services.

Time machine compatible

In addition of Ready Share USB access, Netgear 4500 supports Time machine – a feature that helps Mac users to create backup-restore tasks easier and automatically. All the next versions of Netgear now come with Time machine compatible.


You can compare the hardware resources with the previous Netgear High performance routers regarding the memory:

Flash RAM
WNDR4500 128Mb 128Mb
WNDR4000 8Mb 64Mb
WNDR3800 16Mb 128Mb
WNDR3700 16Mb 64Mb

It is not just that, Netgear 4500 is DLNA certified for high degree of seamless connection with other DLNA compliant devices, you can mention Blu-Ray, XBOX, Smart TV and more devices to come will be DLNA ready.

Netgear 4500 Vs Linksys E4200

What makes the two routers between Netgear 4500 and the Linksys E4200? The speed and USB ports for sure. E4200 comes with N750 technology and with only one USB port. Moreover Netgear is compatible with Time machine but Linksys isn’t. Later, Linksys E4200 v2 with new firmware – the speeds come with N900 technology and allows you to share the printer. You may also like new Linksys EA6800 wireless AC1900 router.

Netgear 4500 N900 Vs Apple Airport Extreme 5G

It is wondering why many people try to find comparison between Apple Airport Extreme (5G) with new router introductions including this Netgear 4500. I think it makes sense since Apple routers are more expensive, moreover the performance is assured excellent. To make a long story short, the table below shows you the main differences.


Netgear 4500 V2 Airport Extreme 5G
Wireless technology N900 N600
Ethernet Ports Gigabit ports: 4xLAN and 1xWAN Gigabit ports: 3xLAN and 1xWAN
USB Ports 2xUSB ports for storage and printer concurrently; DLNA media server; Cloud share 1xUSB port for either storage or printer. You can add USB hub to host storage and printer


You may also like new generations of Netgear R7000 with wireless AC1900 and new Apple Airport Extreme 6th Generation.

This product may have been absolute, you may consider the wireless AC1200 model which is better technology.

Click the link to learn more details Netgear AC1200 (R6230)
Cheers, KG

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