Gryphon Parental Control Mesh Wireless Router System

Few models of wireless product with internet threat protection system have been around for a while in the market including Bitdefender Box hardware cloud system; Fingbox home security system, Norton core security system and still more. Another similar product is introduced to the market recently – the Gryphone parental control mesh wifi system.

What this product does

Couples of similar security router products are designed to add to your existing wireless router like Cujo or Bitdefender Box, with Gryphon parental control you need to connect it direct to the modem. And it is a mesh wireless router system plus intelligent intrusion detection system and malware protection.


Three band

Gryphon is designed like mesh wireless router system with three band to cover up to 3,000 sq ft each unit. It delivers high bandwidth throughput up to 3,000Mbps with latest wireless MU-MIMO technology.

Gryphon with three band, and is like Asus Lyra mesh system where one of the 5Ghz band is dedicated as backhaul for each unit connection and the other two band are dedicated for clients connection.

3 wired Ethernet Ports

Few models of mesh wifi system come with two Ethernet ports, Gryphone comes with three Ethernet Ports for WAN and or for LAN ports, one less port  than Orbi mesh system which comes with four ports.

As a nutshell, Gryphon can be described as summarized in the following highlights.

Gryphon Mesh Wireless IDS Router


  • High speed and high performance mesh wifi system with 4×4 MU-MIMO technology
  • High bandwidth throughput up to 3Gbps with three band radio
  • Intelligent intrusion detection and malware filtering protection by Esset technology with free 1 year network protection
  • Latest mesh wireless technology covers up to 3,000 sq ft each Gryphone
  • Easy to setup with free app using your mobile devices
  • Each Gryphon can support 3 wired LAN devices and over 250+ wireless devices. Each Gryphon has three separate radios, one for 2.4GHz, one for 5GHz, and a dedicated 5GHz backhaul for wireless mesh

Sound great products for your home with high security network protection against any internet threats.

Click here for spec and manufacturer’s details (Gryphone)

With two packs of Gryphon can cover up to 6,000 sq ft area of your home, you can compare with Orbi with two packs. The price is different, Orbi with 2 packs is tagged with the price around $330 and you need to pay around $400 for two packs of Gryphone.

Gryphone adds intrusion detection and malware protection system for free at the first year of subscription. But you have to pay in annual basis for the security protection system, similar like Bitdefender Box.

Gryphon vs Roqos

The competing product for Gryphon you may also consider is Roqos vpn wireless router which is also a wireless router with built-in intrusion detection system. However, unlike Gryphon which is based on mesh wireless router technology, Roqos is designed is normally like wireless router in general.

Roqos Core IPS firewall system

Gryphon is like other home mesh wireless router in general with the addition of built-in malware and intrusion detection system you need to subscribe for the security protection service and pay annually for online protection.

On the other hand, Roqos is a standard wireless router not mesh system and is built with hardware based intrusion detection system using open source software and it can update automatically online when the update is available in the internet.

Click here to learn more details Roqos Core vpn router

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