Gryphon Guardian Mesh Wifi Router

If a standard WiFi network at home or in your home office is not what you require, but a WiFi network that can also provide protection for your critical business data against any kinds of wild internet threats you may consider the Gryphon Guardian mesh wifi system.

Many people ask why not just use the Bitdefender Box? What is the difference with Bitdefender box if the function is more focused on internet security? We will discuss briefly comparison between Gryphon and Bitdefender. Now, back to Gryphon Guardian mesh wifi router.

Gryphon Guardian AC1200 dual band
Gryphon Guardian AC1200 dual band with built-in Internet Security Protection

What this product does

Gryphon is basically a whole home mesh wifi system in general like Asus Zenwifi CT8 or eero mesh wifi router, or Google Nest or Orbi mesh system products, however Gryphon mesh wifi comes with advanced parental control and built-in internet protection software with paid subscription even though the first 90-days is free.

Mesh system

If with Gryphon you can build a mesh wifi network at home with a built-in internet thread system, you can add one or more Gryphon devices to expand the coverage. When compared with Bitdefender box then you need to have a wifi router in place where the function of the Bitdefender box is as an internet thread system hub you need to wired-connect to one of your wifi router’s Ethernet port that works like a wifi access point device.

Please notice that if your home WiFi network is a mesh wifi system, Bitdefender cannot be used, only WiFi router in general can be connected to the Bitdefender box.

Gryphon Guardian

Gryphon Guardian is the light version, or the newer version with more economical model compared with the first generation of 1st G Gryphon mesh wifi system. Both models of Gryphon are mesh wifi system with built-in Internet threat protection. As general the following highlights list what a Gryphon security mesh system.


  • Ease of use: works for all devices including xbox, Smart TV, Tables, and no software install needed for each device
  • The patent-pending Gryphon® Advanced internet and parental control mesh wifi system
  • Free 90-days trial Gryphon HomeBound with optional paid subscription thereafter
  • Includes 6 Month Trial of Advanced Internet Protection, and you can subscribe for $79 / year after then.
  • Malware Filtering by ESET Technology for your business privacy protection against any hacker and malware
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet Ports, either works as WAN or LAN ports.

The main difference between the two Gryphon models lies in the wifi technology that is applied to each model and the technical range offered by each Gryphon unit. The 1st Gryphon WiFi system is a tri-band AC3000, compared to the Gryphon Guardian which is designed to be more economical version is based on the AC1200 simultaneous dual band WiFi technology.

When one unit of Gryphon is not covering the whole home, you need to add one or more Gryphon unit to eliminate the dead zone area. One unit of Gryphon Guardian technically covers up to 1,800 sq ft; see that the 1st G Gryphon with tri-band covers up to 3,000 sq ft.

Have a look at the following table, the main difference between Gryphon AC3000 and the Gryphon Guardian AC1200.

The differences

Model Gryphon Gryphon Guardian
Internet speed Simultaneous tri-band Wireless AC3000 4×4 MU-MIMO  Simultaneous dual band AC1200 2×2 MU-MIMO
Coverage Up to 3000 sq ft Up to 1800 sq ft
Price $210 $120

To learn more spec details click the following product’s link below and link to shop in Amazon.

With three packs of Gryphon Guardian (around $299.00) covers up to 5,000 sq ft, and free 6-months of advanced internet protection.

What about Bitdefender Box?

You can use your existing wireless router, not mesh wifi system and purchase Bitdefender Box 2 for around $150.0 plus free 1 year subscription to the BOX Service, a 1 year subscription to Bitdefender Total Security for all your home connected devices. Later on, you can subscribe annually for $99.00.

Bitdefender Box 2 Internet security protection
Bitdefender Box 2 Internet security protection

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