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Google wifi vs Tenda Nova MX12 Which One is Better

The first generation of Google wifi is still popular to date for those who require entry level of home wifi network. And today you can find lots of wifi 6/7 products available in the market. How this legacy google-wifi compete with other entry level products?

In this article:

One of Google device products which becomes popular to date is Google wifi, an entry level of mesh wifi product when mesh wifi system was originally introduced to the market. The second generation of this product is Nest wifi with faster speed and connects more devices. Both of these series are still based on legacy wifi5 standard (wireless ac). And today after a long wait since wifi 6 was emerging; google introduced the ultimate model of Nest Pro.

Legacy Google wifi

How legacy Google wifi competes with other entry level products which the prices are dropped significantly when new product introductions with newer technology released to the market?

A single wireless router that is supposed to cover the whole home is sometimes doesn’t work. Typically you place the wireless router not at the center of your home but at the corner of the home where the internet line enters. So that’s why in some cases you need to add one or two wireless range extender to eliminate dead spots at the further corners of the house.

So that’s why Google introduces mesh wifi system to blanket the whole home with solid wifi network, easy to install and manage with Google wifi app. See also Google nest wifi, the next generation of Google-wifi with total bandwidth is about 80% higher bandwidth than google wifi and see how new google nest pro covers the same coverage but more connected devices with much faster speed.

Today you can find most networking vendors introduce various models of mesh wifi products ranging from entry level up to top notch products including tplink with its deco series, netgear with its orbi series, asus with its zenwifi series, Linksys with its velop series and still more.

Google wifi ac1200
Google wifi ac1200

Mesh network

The base concept of a mesh wifi network is group of routers that link together and communicate wirelessly to each other in home wifi network. Each of the wifi mesh point acts as source of high performance wifi network instead of single wireless router. With three pack kit system you have three source of the same wifi network. This concept is much better than a single wireless router plus couple of wireless range extender.

In a mesh network, each router node connects to one or more other satellite nodes using wifi backhaul so that your whole home network is unified. Besides wifi backhaul you can also deploy wired backhaul using network cable by connecting each other between nodes using the ethernet port.

Still Worth it

Today the era is wifi 6, the 6th generation of wireless technology (802.11ax / wireless ax), and you can find bunch of new products are introduced to the market based on this latest wifi6 technology such as Orbi rbk853, deco x90, asus zenwifi xt8 and still more. Probably you still don’t taste this wifi-6 technology, the enhancement wifi 6e technology has come with three distinct radio bands with the addition of new 6ghz band instead of 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands such as orbi rbke963 axe11000 and asus zenwifi et12 axe11000 including the new ultimate model of Google nest pro wifi 6e.

The question is, with this emerging of wifi 6 and 6e technologies, is it still worth of buying this legacy Google wifi?

For small homes with less connected devices including 2.4ghz-based devices and 5ghz-based devices, this Google wifi is still worth of buying, this product is appropriate for small network and not too dense connected devices, moreover the price is affordable under $200 for 3-pack.

However, when it comes to consider whether to purchase legacy google wifi that is still based on legacy ac1200 or do other product with almost the same price but comes with newer wifi 6 technology, what are you going to do?

Google-wifi vs Tenda Nova AX3000

Google wifi is still worth buying for your small home or apartment. However, with the emerging of new wifi 6 technology applied to new products flooding the market and tagged with affordable price, are you going to remain with legacy product or switch to new product with latest wifi-6 standard?

Tenda nova mx12 ax3000
Tenda nova mx12 ax3000

You can find today Tenda offers its latest mesh wifi 6 series with its Tenda nova mx12 ax3000 series and is tagged with as low price as google wifi. Will you switch to new wifi 6 product offered by Tenda or just remain popular google-wifi with legacy wifi5 standard?

I make a spec comparison table 1 below for Google-wifi vs tenda nova mx12.

Wifi segment

Regarding the wifi technology on each of the product series you can find that they are not comparable since Google-wifi is still using legacy ac1200, while on the other side Tenda nova mx12 comes using latest wifi 6 ax3000 technology, sure this not a fair comparison. However, when it comes to consider the available budget, this is a fair comparison knowing that the price difference is not too much, even almost the same.

Google has a big and famous brand name, while Tenda is a new brand from China which is typically offers low price compared with the one from big vendors.


As above discussion, link communication between nodes use wifi link. So there is a portion of wifi is used as backhaul link between the nodes. Google uses wifi backhaul shares with connected devices, so not all bandwidth is used for connected devices. So does Tenda nova mx12 with dual band ax3000 but the aggregated bandwidth is still wider than Google wifi.

Wired backhaul

Another way to link between router node and satellite nodes you can opt to use wired backhaul by connecting each ethernet port using UTP rj45 cable. You have two backhaul topology options, daisy chain or star backhaul.

With google you only have daisy chain topology, it’s like a series link from one router node (port #2) to satellite node (port #1), and the second port of this second node is connected to the first port of the third google node.

Another way you can use separate unmanaged switch as a hub for all the three nodes to connect to the switch using a star backhaul topology. On the other hand, with Tenda mx12 that comes with three gigabit ethernet ports you can setup using either daisy chain or star backhaul topology. This is the same as those orbi products that mostly come with more than two ethernet ports. To learn more details what you can do with wired backhaul option, click this orbi with wired backhaul link in netgear blog.

Please note that when you configure wired backhaul, it doesn’t mean that the total bandwidth is completely used for connected devices. There still some portion of share wifi is reserved for wifi backhaul. So when there is disruption with wired backhaul connection, the wifi backhaul is functional until the wired connection is restored.

Spec Comparison Table

 Read more details on the following spec comparison table between Google mesh ac1200 and tenda nova mx12 ax3000.

 Table 1 Google-wifi vs Orbi

ModelGoogle-wifiTenda nova mx12
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band ac1200Dual band ax3000
Signal rates867Mbps @5GHz 2×2
300Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2
574Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2; 2402Mbps @5GHz 4×4
Coverage4,500 sq ft (3-pack) 
AntennasDual band 2×2 internal antennas4x 3dBi Internal antennas
Ethernet Ports2x 1.0Gbps WAN/LAN port3x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Processor710 MHz ARM-based Quad-core processor, and has 512MB flash and 4GB RAM1.7GHz quad core Broadcom processor
Price (Jan 2023 in Amazon)$199.99 (3-pack)$179.99 / 3-pack

 With twice aggregated bandwidth as opposed to google, tenda nova mx12 is more advantage. If you are lucky you will find deals in Amazon and google can be around $170 while nova mx12 is around $180. Click the product’s link below to learn more details each of the product in Amazon (#ads).

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You may also like to consider new eero pro 6 with smart hub and asus xt8 should you need to jump to new wifi6 technology. Or you may try the entry level of wifi6 products such as deco x20 ax1800 and eero 6 wifi6 system.

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