Good Looking Model Of Tl-Wa750re Wifi Range Extender

TP-Link TL-WA750RE

TP-Link TL-WA750RE is a stylist N150 Wifi range extender, small in size and with wall-mounted design – it looks elegant. How do you compare with others?

Good looking model

Human nature is to love something that looks nice and pretty in the first impression when looking at something. So are you if you see an electronic device, the first impression when you see it is to love the main attraction before you explore more about it. That’s what picked up by almost all manufacturers to introduce their new products by giving the beautiful appearance of the product before engineering it with good technology.

Have a look at the model of Asus EA-N66 Ethernet adapter which is packed differently than other similar devices. The model is unique which design has never been like this before. Or you may also look at the PCI Express product of Asus PCE-AC66 which the external antennas are designed differently compared other similar products.

So also for the wifi range extender devices targeted for small to medium houses, manufacturers pack the products with elegant compact and sleek design and easy to use. No need of extra power adapter, the model is packed with wall-plug design. You just need to plug it into a power outlet and you’re in business.

TP-link also designs its products with attractive appearance, charming and elegant design for almost all new generations of the products as well as its wifi range extender product TL-WA750RE.

What this product does

You can compare it with other wifi range extenders which are also packed with a gorgeous look such as Belkin F9K1111 N300 range extender which is also packed beautifully with two external antennas adding sweet appearance. TL-WA750RE looks charming in appearance as well, packed with even without an external antenna, but with a sleek and beautiful design. They are ideal for extending the range to cover wider area to support your mobile devices. See also best router for Kindle fire devices.

tplink tl-wa750re

Main features

  • To boost your wifi signal in areas with weak signal reception
  • Small size with wall-plug design
  • Based on 802.11n with N150 technology
  • Includes range extender button
  • Can be used as wifi clients with the included Ethernet port
  • Helps you find best location to place with its smart signal indicator
tp-link tl-wa750re


TP-link offers new models of wireless range extender including:

  1. TP-link RE450 wireless AC1750 wall-plug design – now is based on wireless AC1750 technology.
  2. TP-link RE590 touch screen range extender – based on AC1900 wifi technology

Compare with Belkin

Compared with Belkin, this TP-link wifi range extender is packed with single band as opposed to Belkin which is engineered with dual band even though the speed is the same up to 150Mbps each band.

Both extender devices are ideal for small to medium homes which have problems in reaching the farthest corner of the house. What about large homes with large backyard or offices with large warehouse? You may consider long range wifi devices such as Amped SR10000. This is a high power smart repeater device up to 600mW amplifier, ideal for reaching large homes or offices. You may also pair it with Alfa high power 1000mW USB adapters. Or you may also deploy a high power wireless access point for longer distance of wifi range such as Amped AP600EX.

There are still other high power adapters available in the market you may consider for powering your long range wifi environment.

New Securify Almond

Another nice product you may also consider is the dual function Securify Almond which can be configured as the wireless router or a wireless range extender. This is the best seller in Amazon with average rating 4.6 out of 5 stars customer rating, amazing achievement for a new comer. This is a new product from a new manufacturer in wireless routers.

If you already have an existing wireless router in home and need extending the range, you can configure this Almond as a wireless range extender. It can work with any types of wireless router in the market such as Apple, Netgear, Linksys, Cisco, Belkin, Dlink, Asus, Verizon, AT&T and more.

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