Fingbox Home Network Security

Why Fingbox

In corporate networks, security is the first priority task to do is to assure that your critical electronic business assets are secured from any threats, safe  and still accessible in a easy and safe manner. High skilled network engineer team is required to manage all of those high risks network security tasks. In homes or small businesses, hiring high skill network security is not possible, or just wasting money. That’s what Fingbox comes for.

What Fingbox does

Fingbox works like those similar model have been around in the market so far such as Cujo smart security firewall, you need to connect it to your existing wireless router and the system will work as a network security guy for you.

Network security system

Fingbox works like network security system, it scans the network to check internet security risks and other malware in order not to penetrating the network and getting to clients. It also drops any hackers to get through your network and even it can sense devices around the network.

Network troubleshooting

Fingbox works very smart like a professional network engineer that knows what to do. With your Smart phone on the palm of your hand you can control who may connect to network, you can stop who hogs the internet bandwidth, and all other networking tasks.

Fingbox network security protection


  • Fingbox connects to your wireless router via Ethernet port to work like network security
  • Detects all internet threat, malware and drop the hackers
  • You can manage your home network via your mobile device local or remotely
  • Parental control, bandwidth analyzes and network troubleshooting
  • Improve network performance, easily find good spot, who hogs bandwidth and test internet speed
  • Monitor all connected devices to the network and track what their activities

Fingbox is like a WIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection System) detects all of internet threats such as Evil Twin and rouqe attacks to your wireless access point, and alerting any KRACK and similar MITM attacks.

Take a look at the following product introduction video for better understanding the product.

Fingbox can connect to any models of wireless routers including new Linksys EA9300, Netgear or Asus wireless ac routers.

Compared with other competing similar product such as Cujo, Fingbox is tagged with lower price than Cujo.

To learn more details click here for Fingbox

Now let’s see similar products, Cujo Smart internet security firewall.


Cujo is like Fingbox, you need to connect Cujo to your network using Ethernet cable. Connect Cujo to one of your router Ethernet LAN ports to shield your network against any network threats, it’s an internet security firewall thing’s like advanced antivirus for all connected devices.

But Cujo is different technically, it’s very smart and becomes the first entry check point to all of your home or business devices connect to the network against any wild internet threat. It scan all incoming and outgoing traffic and if it detects any viruses or malware a specific firewall rule is sent from CUJO cloud through secure channel to your Cujo device in order not to spread to the wild internet.

Cujo Firewall Network protection


  • It’s an internet security firewall to secure all devices connect to your network
  • It’s like an antivirus to your network to detect and drop any malicious sites, viruses and any kinds of hacks
  • Protect any devices exposed to the internet
  • Customized any internet access policies for parental control
  • Manage via mobile devices with free app
  • Cujo doesn’t degrade your network performance
  • Cujo doesn’t work with Luma and Google mesh wifi, but it works with Asus Lyra Eero, Orbi or new D-link Corv wifi system and other mesh wifi systems

CUJO works nearly similar with Fingbox, connect to your existing router. Cujo is tagged with more expensive than Fingbox, it cost around $240 in Amazon. click the link below to learn more detail, current price and rating.

Click here to learn more detail Cujo firewall

Cujo can also work as bridge between your router and wireless access point, lots of model of wireless access point such as new Open Mesh A Series A40 /A60 wireless AC AP or high capacity EnGenius EWS870 wireless ac access point.

Unlike both Cujo and Fingbox, there is another product that combines both wireless router and security device – the Norton Core secure wireless router – a wireless router with built-in internet security protection – protects internet threat at the network level before they get to your connected devices.

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