EnGenius EWS1025CAM Wireless AP Camera

EnGenius introduces EWS1025CAM Neutron MeshCam – a wireless mesh access point with built-in dome model surveillance IP camera.

What this product does

We are familiar with compact design of popular wireless ac router with built-in cable modem – a compact two in one device to build a wireless ac network in home such as Linksys CG7500 wireless ac1900 cable modem, or the lower model of Netgear C6220 wireless ac1200 cable modem.  EnGenius EWS1025CAM is also a compact two in one device – AP and camera.

Wireless ac AP with built-in camera

EWS1025CAM is a two in one device – a wireless AC1200 access point with built-in surveillance IP camera. At a glance when it is installed on the ceiling it is just like other surveillance IP camera, a dome CCTV or IP camera for room monitoring. But it works as high speed AC1200 wireless mesh access point to accommodate all wifi clients to support your business and at the same time it works as the CCTV or IP surveillance camera.

High speed wifi

EnGenius EWS1025CAM wireless mesh access point delivers simultaneous dual band wifi, speeds of up to 867Mbps @5Ghz band and up to 300Mbps @2.4Ghz band, it’s nearly similar than its EnGenius wireless AC1300ext wireless ac access point product that delivers the same 867Mbps @5Ghz band and slightly higher speed @2.4Ghz band. However, EAP1300ext is a pure wireless AC AP product the same as its higher speed EnGenius ENH1750ext wireless AC1750 access point.

EnGenius mesh cam AP camera
EnGenius mesh cam AP camera

This meshCam is designed with high gain 5dBi dual band internal antennas, broadcast in all directions of Omni-directional pattern within the room. However, you need to adjust the camera direction by manual rotating horizontally to face to desire direction with wide 120 degree field of view angle, almost covering the front face camera.


Normally you require UTP cable for the wireless AP device and another UTP cable to the camera and each of the device requires power outlet for device power adapter to plug in. With EnGenius EWS1025CAM you require only one UTP network cable for both network data and power, this product supports POE (power over Ethernet) to help you eliminate clutter of power cables particularly when you install it on the ceiling. You just run a single UTP cable to the wireless mesh access point to POE switch. Mostly business class wireless ac access points supports POE for plug and play installation such as Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite and TP-link EAP245 or new UAP-AC-M and Pro Ubiquiti mesh AP.


The integrated surveillance camera in this wireless mesh access point is a wide angle camera with 2.8mm fixed lens, 120 degree field of view angle. It supports day and night vision with 24 IR LEDs to illuminate darkness up to 65 ft.

The recording resolution is full HD 1080p @30 frame per second (fps), sharp and clear image detail. The good thing is that the camera comes with built-in Microphone to help you listen remotely.


  • Two in one device, wireless mesh access point with built-in surveillance camera
  • High speed dual band wireless AC1200 access point
  • Speeds of up to 867Mbps @5Ghz and up to 300Mbps @2.4Ghz band
  • High gain dual band 5dBi internal antenna
  • Stand alone, centrally manage or remotely manage via ezMaster
  • Supports POE
  • High recording resolution 1080p full HD @30 fps
  • 120 degree wide field of view angle
  • Night vision supports with 24 IR LEDs range up to 65 ft
  • Motion, sound and tamper detection and alerts
  • Includes 16-Channel Video Monitoring Software (VMS) with live monitoring

EnGenius EWS1025CAM is a compact device for both high speed wireless simultaneous dual band network and high resolution full HD (1080p) IP camera with night and day vision. The good thing is that you don’t need to purchase separate NVR system, EnGenius offers free 16-channel video monitoring software (VMS) to allow you manage all connected EnGenius mesh cams to the network.

To learn more detail click the link below for spec details, current price and rating in Amazon:

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