D-link DIR-895LR Vs Nighthawk X8 AC5300

D-link introduces new flagship D-link DIR-895 wireless AC5300 router. How do you compare D-link AC5300 with Netgear R8000 – Nighthawk X8?

D-link DIR-895L/R

After the successful product in wireless AC3200 technology – the D-link DIR-890, D-link finally releases the new flagship which has been long time showcased in the shelf – the new D-link DIR-895, a new flagship D-link AC5300 router a three band wireless router. The design is almost the same as the previous AC3200 router (DIR890) and the two band router DIR 885 AC3150, a home-like router with red roof. However, the new flagship comes with 8 external antennas instead of six on DIR-890 and only four in DIR-885. The two main bigger antennas are in front while the others are located in the left and right sides with three antennas each side. It reminds me a spider with eight legs crawling, no – the antennas are not stepping but in upward directions.


What this router does

Years ago when the first time the wifi technology came with 802.11N standard, all the vendors introduced simultaneous dual band wireless routers. The wifi technology is evolving on and the new 5th generation of wifi technology offers 802.11ac standard, and the three band wireless routers are introduced with the emerging of wireless AC3200 routers delivering total bandwidth of up to 3,200Mbps with three bands. You can mention the best performance D-link DIR-885, the famous of Nighthawk X6 by Netgear, and still more including the more economical TP-link Archer C3200 router.

And the new D-link DIR-895 is also a three band router, and moreover the total bandwidth is double as much as 5,300Mbps. This is router is designed with 4×4 data streams with Multi User MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology to optimize the throughput of all wifi connected clients concurrently. With MU-MIMO technology the router sends data to multiple clients at the same time, it’s not like traditional routers which send data to one client to the other that frequently contributes network latency. New fast high performance wireless AC routers are featuring this MU-MIMO technology including the new Netgear X4S and Linksys EA8500, and even the new versions of AC1900 routers such as Linksys EA7500 comes with this MU-MIMO technology.

dlink dir-895 ac5300 router

Have a look at the following D-link 895 main features of this router, and compared with other existing router in this class.

Main features

  • Engineered with the fastest wireless AC5300 technology
  • Maximum data throughput with 4 data streams of 4×4 data streams technology
  • Powered by the fast 1.4GHz dual core processor
  • MU-MIMO technology – concurrent data streams to multiple devices to reduce latency
  • Smart-Connect technology – automatically allocate individual clients to the best available band
  • SmartBeam – a beamforming technology
  • Intelligent QoS to optimize the traffic
  • Easy to manage the home network with intuitive UI

Mostly all the products promise the rich features superior above the competing products, and the end users judge which product perform the best at least to meet their business need. Now let’s have a spec comparison table between this D-link AC5300 router with the Netgear’s flagship Nighthawk X8.

D-link DIR-895 Vs Nighthawk X8

Netgear Nighthawk X8 has been around for a while, few months before D-link released DIR-895 even though D-link has showcased the D-link AC5300 in its website long time before Netgear released the product into the market.


D-link AC5300 is designed with 8x external antennas as discussed earlier above. It’s competitor Nighthawk X8 is designed with 4x external active antennas and 4x internal antennas. Generally the amplifier antennas are designed onboard, but with active antennas the amplifiers are designed on top of the external antennas for more powerful signal strength and range.

Both design their products with 4×4 data streams so that’s why the total number of the antennas are 4x for 5GHz and 4x for 2.4GHz band each.

Ethernet Ports

Something different with the way Netgear designs the LAN ports. Generally most routers are designed with 4x Gigabit ports, and one port for WAN. Netgear offers different ports design, instead of 4 Gigabit ports for LAN in this Nighthawk X8 Netgear designs 6x Gigabit LAN ports and the first two Gigabit ports can be aggregated to high speed 2GB combined port. it’s like the way Windows server 2012 that can combined multiple ports for aggregated ports to single high bandwidth ports for high bandwidth data throughput such as to the NAS storage.

6x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports is more than enough, compared with Apple Airport Extreme AC router with only 3x Gigabit LAN ports. For some users, three LAN ports is more than enough since they connect only one port for desktop computer. Many people add additional Ethernet switch for port expansion.

The other features are almost similar, see more detail in the following spec comparison table, not all detail specs are listed just main manufacturer’s specs.

Table 1 D-link DIR-895 Vs Netgear Nighthawk X8 AC5300

D-link DIR-895 AC5300 Netgear Nighthawk X8 AC5300
Wifi technology Wireless AC5300 Wireless AC5300
Speeds 2x 2,165Mbps in 5GHz band plus 1x 1,000Mbps in 2.4GHz band 2x 2,165Mbps in 5GHz band plus 1x 1,000Mbps in 2.4GHz band
Antennas 8x external antennas 4x active antennas

4x internal antennas

Smart-Connect Yes Yes
4×4 data streams Yes Yes
Ethernet Ports 4x Gigabit LAN ports

1x Gigabit WAN port

6x Gigabit (2 ports can be aggregated)

1x Gigabit WAN port

USB Ports 1x USB 3.0

1x USB 2.0

1x USB 3.0

1x USB 2.0

Processor 1.4GHz dual core processor 1.4GHz dual core processor
Cloud features mydlink SharePort App ReadyCLOUD USB Access – USB personal cloud access

Netgear Genie for network management local or remotely

Operating modes Wireless router or wireless extender with selected switch Wireless router
Other features 1. mydlinkR Lite Mobile App – remote network management

2. Quick VPN – L2TP over IPsec

3. Intelligent QoS

1. ReadySHARE Vault PC software to let you automatically backup your PC to USB connected disk

2. VPN support

3. Dynamic QoS prioritizes

Price (Jul 2018 in Amazon) $380 (no stock so far) $196.99

What Next?

It’s your choice now which one is suitable to meet your business needs. Should you require high speed connected NAS storage to the router, Netgear AC5300 Nighthawk X8 offers you aggregated ports. Click the following links for more spec details, current price and rating in Amazon.

  1. Click for D-link AC5300 spec details and buy see the rating in Amazon
  2. Click for Nighthawk X8 spec details and buy and see the current rating in Amazon

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