D-link DIR-895 Vs Asus RT-AC5300


Following its success with the AC3200-based router – the D-link DIR-890 which becomes one of the best wireless routers in AC3200, D-link introduces the new flagship D-link DIR-895 based on the latest AC5300 wireless AC technology. This is a three band router like the previous models of AC3200 three band router, however this technology uses Broadcom NitroQAMTM technology to boost the two 5 GHz band to deliver data rates throughput up to 4,334 Mbps and to boost the 2.4 GHz band to deliver speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

Boost speeds

Many latest models of wireless AC technology use this Broadcom NitroQAMTM technology to boost the speeds. In two band routers you can find Asus RT-AC88 wireless AC3100 router almost the same total bandwidth as the three band router model of Asus RT-AC3200 router. You can also find D-link two band router – the D-link DIR-885 AC3100 router, and with this technology the flagship of three band router DIR-895 AC5300 router is introduced.


Comparison DIR-895 Vs Asus RT-AC5300

I have discussed in the previous article the comparison between DIR-895 and Nighthawk X8 the newest flagship in AC5300 introduced by Netgear. Now I will discuss the comparison between D-link 895 and Asus AC5300. Asus RT-AC5300 three band router is one of the best gaming router you may consider should you a gamer in mind.

Have a look at the following comparison table to help you easily compare the main spec (if any) between the two products.


Both are based on the same wireless AC5300 three band router technology that delivers the total bandwidth of up to 5,300Mbps with speeds of up to 2x 2,165Mbps in 5GHz band (wireless AC) plus 1,000Mbps in 2.4GHz band (wireless N). The difference is that Asus comes with built-in game accelerator to optimize the route performance by Gamers Private Network (GPN) from WTFast. Asus has partnered with WTFast for both Asus AC5300 and Asus RT-AC88 products, free service. See more details about WTFast.

D-link DIR-895 AC5300


Both routers are embedded with the same Gigabit LAN switch (4x ports), and one Gigabit WAN port. Nothing special like other high performance wireless gigabit routers. However, Asus offers ports aggregation capability that allows you to configure the first two LAN ports combined as a teaming LAN ports. This feature is the same one offered by Nighthawk X8 which comes with 6x Gigabit LAN ports and two of them can be aggregated as teaming LAN port.

The new coming router offers by Linksys is the Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream embedded with 8x Gigabit LAN ports plus Gigabit WAN port. However, Linksys doesn’t offer an aggregation teaming LAN port capability.

All other features are alike including the same number of USB ports with combination of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, powered by the same 1.4GHz dual core processor and number of external antennas even though with different style.

Asus RT-AC5300 router
Asus RT-AC5300 router

In addition, ASUS offers an added value feature – the Asus AiProtection powered by Trend Micro to ensure your online experience is safe and secure. Particularly when you run online gaming in your computer, you can turn off the internal security protection (such as Windows defender in Windows 10) that frequently exhausts your computer resources in some degrees.

Take a look here at table 1 that compares D-link 895 and Asus AC5300, see that some features are the same on both routers.

Table 1 D-link DIR-895 Vs Asus RT-AC5300
 D-link DIR-895 AC5300Asus RT-AC5300
Wifi technologyWireless AC5300 – three band technologyWireless AC5300 – three band technology


with built-in game accelerator

Speeds2x 2,165Mbps in 5GHz band plus 1x 1,000Mbps in 2.4GHz band2x 2,165Mbps in 5GHz band plus 1x 1,000Mbps in 2.4GHz band
Antennas8x external antennas8x external antennas
4×4 data streamsYesYes
Ethernet Ports4x Gigabit LAN ports


1x Gigabit WAN port

4x Gigabit LAN ports


1x Gigabit WAN port

Port 1 and 2 can be aggregated for two Teaming LAN port

USB Ports1x USB 3.0


1x USB 2.0

1x USB 3.0


1x USB 2.0

Processor1.4GHz dual core processor1.4GHz dual core processor
Cloud featuresmydlink SharePort AppAsus AiCloud – personal cloud service
Operating modesWireless router or wireless extender with selected switchWireless router, access point modes menu based
Other features1. mydlinkR Lite Mobile App – remote network management


2. Quick VPN – L2TP over IPsec

3. Intelligent QoS

1. ASUS AiProtection powered by Trend Micro ensures your online experience is safe and secure


2. Adaptive QoS allows you to easily prioritize gaming packets and activities.


Click the following product link to learn more details including link to shop to Amazon:



Both D-link DIR-895 and Asus RT-AC5300 offer the same high performance features to accommodate all of your internet connected devices including online gaming, 4K video streaming and more. Should you be a gamer in mind, you may consider Asus RT-AC5300 router which comes with the built-in game accelerator.

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