D-link DIR-842 vs Asus RT-ACRH13

With the bunch of wireless AC1200 routers in the market which are targeted for small scale wireless network in homes competition in this network segment is very tight. Mostly all networking vendors offer various models of AC1200-based wireless router in additions of high end routers. Like Asus, Netgear, Linksys, TP-link and still others, D-link offers few models of wireless AC1200 router and one of them is D-link DIR-842.

What this product does

D-link DIR-842 is based on wireless ac1200 technology, dual band simultaneously delivering speeds of up to 867Mbps @5Ghz band and up to 300Mbps @2.4Ghz band. And today you can find couple of routers based on higher speed than AC1200 router, it is based on wireless AC1300 such as Asus RT-ACRH13 and TP-link Archer C60.


Small to medium home

For small to medium homes with couple of mobile devices either Android or iOS based devices, and couple of laptops and desktop computers, this product is appropriate for internet browsing, email and gaming. However, for high intensive bandwidth applications such as 4K video streaming and online gaming simultaneously with multiple devices, wireless AC1200 based router is not good enough even though you can make it. You should choose high end routers such as high end dual band AC routers such as D-link  DIR-885 AC3100 router or Netgear X4S AC2600 router.

Larger coverage

D-link DIR-842 is not designed like other wireless AC1200 routers in general which are typically come with two external or internal antennas. DIR-842 is designed with four high gain external antennas for high performance and larger coverage.

Recent days couple of vendors offer similar models of AC1200 routers with four antennas such as Asus RT-ACRH13 and TP-link Archer C60. In the next paragraphs, let me compare D-link 842 with Asus ACRH13.

dlink dir842

D-link DIR-842

As a nutshell, D-link DIR-842 is designed with the following highlight features.


  • Compact wifi router based on dual band wireless AC1200 technology
  • Simultaneous dual band speeds of up to 867Mbps @5Ghz band and up to 300Mbps @2.4Ghz band
  • 4x high gain external antennas for wider coverage of home
  • 4x Gigabit LAN ports and 1x Gigabit WAN port.
  • Network management is easy with intuitive user interface

With four high gain external antennas this router promises wider range coverage than other wireless AC1200 routers in general.

Comparison D-link 842 vs Asus ACRH13

D-link 842 is not the only entry level router that come with four external antennas which is typically applied to high end wireless AC2400 or AC2600 routers such as Netgear Nighthawk X4s or TP-link Archer C2600 router. Asus RT-ACRH13 and TP-link Archer C60 are two other wireless AC1300 routers that come with four external antennas.

Have a look at the following spec comparison table between DIR-842 and RT-ACRH13. Asus ACRH13 was released one or two years later than D-link 842 which surely features more, and later technology than D-link.

asus rt-arh13 ac1300 router

Asus RT-ACRH13


Both routers deliver the same technical speed @5Ghz band and slightly different speed @2.4Ghz band. With TurboQAM technology Asus boost the speed up to 400Mbps @2.4Ghz band.


One of the main features that Asus is leading above DIR-842 is the MU-MIMO feature which delivers data streams to multiple devices simultaneously instead of one device to another in non MU-MIMO device. This MU-MIMO is commonly applied to high end routers including the era of mesh wifi system such as Portal wave 2 mesh wifi system and Amplifi HD mesh wifi system.

D-link 842 doesn’t feature this MU-MIMO feature.


Regarding the embedded processor in each of the router, Asus comes with Quad core A7 processor compared with D-link that comes with single core processor. Asus ARCH13 is soon becomes one of best wireless AC1200 routers in the market knowing that it features MU-MIMO and quad core processor.

Table 1 D-link DIR-842 vs Asus RT-ACRH13

Model D-link DIR-842 Asus RT-ACRH13
Wifi technology Wireless AC1200 Wireless AC1300
Wifi speeds up to 867Mbps @5GHz and 300Mbps @2.4GHz up to 867Mbps @5GHz and 400Mbps @2.4GHz
Antennas 4x high gain external antennas 4x external high power high gain 5dBi antennas

2.4 GHz 2 x 2 MIMO

5 GHz 2 x 2 MIMO

Ethernet Ports 4x Gigabit LAN

1x Gigabit WAN

4x Gigabit LAN

1x Gigabit WAN

USB Port N/A 1x USB 3.0
Processor Single core processor Quad core A7 processor with 128MB flash and 128Mb RAM
Price $60.00 $70.00


To learn more spec details, current price and customer rating or buy from Amazon, click the following links:

You may also like other affordable wireless AC1200 routers in the market for small to medium homes that do not demand high intensive bandwidth application for high density clienst including Wise Tiger and Wavlink wireless AC1200 routers.

When you start building wireless network at home you may consider new mesh home wifi system such as Google home mesh wifi system for medium home, for large home you may consider Linksys Velop mesh wifi system.

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