Cujo Firewall Free Internet Threat Protection

Why Cujo Firewall

Each home network today connects to the world internet network, the wild public network via internet line subscription. And even your mobile phones are prone to internet threat. Internet security software is not free, you need yearly subscription for protecting your home network against any internet threat.

Basically your home router is natively a hardware firewall, the first level of internet defense or you may say it’s like an entry point for all the wild internet into your home network. However, router firewall cannot effectively block any internet threats such as viruses or malicious software.

It’s therefore you require an internet security software which programmatically designed to sense any potential internet threat based on database bank and drop or block them before making any threats to your network.

With your existing home network you can add Cujo firewall to protect the connected devices against any wild internet threat with free subscription.

What this product does

Cujo is an internet security firewall that protects all connected devices to your wifi router. all connected devices including mobile devices to the network will be protected against any internet threat. You don’t need any antivirus software anymore since it works like an antivirus that blocks and drops any viruses and malwares before landing to your connected devices.

The good thing with Cujo is that when a Cujo device detect a hacking threat, it alerts all other Cujo firewalls in the world and update the database accordingly. So that’s why Cujo evolves all the time with up to date internet threat protection.

Cujo Firewall

Connect to your router

Similar idea is applied to Norton Core wifi router which replaces your current wireless router. But Cujo is a firewall that connects to your existing wireless router, an addition of hardware for network protection against any internet threats.

With Norton core you still require annual subscription for Norton core security plus, first purchase of the product includes the standard 1 year complimentary subscription. And after the first year you need to renew the per month subscription.

Cujo doesn’t have any additional cost after you purchase the product, you have a free subscription of internet protection.

Main features

  • Cujo is an internet security firewall to protect all connected devices to your network against any internet threats
  • Feel safe of surfing internet or any online activities including online gaming, emailing and video streaming.
  • Parental control for safe internet, protecting your children from inappropriate sites.
  • You can customize any internet access policies to connected devices
  • Connect to your existing wireless router

One thing that Cujo is not compatible with is that Cujo is not compatible with Luma home wifi system and Goggle mesh wifi system, however it works with any other mesh wifi system including TP-link Deco mesh wifi system, Eero and Orbi series such as Orbi wall plug satellite.

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