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Amplifi HD Home Wifi System

#Amplifi offers three models of home wifi system, Amplifi AFi (standard); Amplifi LR (long range), and Amplifi HD (High density) home wifi system. Why home wifi system With the emerging of home wifi system which is technically combining wireless router with its satellite to cover the whole home with solid wifi network, many people are wondering why should change their existing...


Luma Vs Orbi Home Wifi System

Wondering which devices to build home wifi system? Knowing nothing what internet threats to your home network and don’t know how to secure your home network? Get Luma home wifi system. This product is similar like those Orbi home system by Netgear, Linksys Velop, Google mesh wifi system or Eero wifi system. What Luma does Generally you require high speed and...

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Netgear Orbi Home Wifi System

Netgear introduces home wifi system – the Orbi Home Wifi System that consists of Orbi three band wireless router plus the satellite to blanket your home with solid wifi. There has been similar home wifi system around in the market so far – the Eero home wifi system (the next generation of eero is eero Pro). What this product does After...