Netgear MK83 AX3600 vs TP Link Deco X68

netgear mk83

Netgear introduces Netgear MK83 ax3600 mesh wifi, another Netgear series in addition of Orbi series. How this product compete with tp link deco x68. Netgear mk83 Previously, netgear released mk63 a lower series model that has the same physical appearance as mk83. What’s the difference? It has been discussed in the previous article that the … Read more

TP-Link Deco X68 AX3600 vs Orbi AX4200 RBK752 Which One is Better

tp link deco x68

TP Link introduces another series of Deco mesh wifi-6 system – the Deco x68 mesh wifi-6 system in addition of Deco x60 which has been around in the market for a while. How good is Deco x68 compared with Netgear Orbi Rbk750? Deco x68 If you have been familiar with the tp link deco x60, … Read more

eero 6 Pro vs Asus Zenwifi xt8 vs Surfboard Max


Under Amazon umbrella, eero is getting more popular with its integration with Amazon Alexa and other Amazon smart devices. With wifi 6 era, Amazon offers new eero 6 dual band and eero 6 Pro tri-band mesh wifi. How does eero 6 pro compete with Asus Zenwifi xt8 and Arris Surfboard Max tri-band mesh wifi? Eero … Read more

Linksys ax3200 vs Asus rt-ax3000 vs Archer ax50

linksys ax3200

Linksys releases four series of wifi-6 routers so far ranging from ax1800 up to ax6000 network segment. In the middle speed, Linksys offers Linksys E8450 ax3200 covering up to 2,500 sq ft solid wifi-6 signal up to 25 connected devices. How will e8450 compete with other ax3000 products including Asus rt-ax3000 (aka Asus rt-ax58u) and … Read more

Omada eap660 ax3300 wifi-6 AP Vs Engenius vs Netgear

omada eap660

After Engenius released its debut in wifi-6 access point products, and then followed by Netgear, today TP-link released its debut in wifi-6 access point products: Omada eap660 and Omada eap620. TP-link Omada wifi-6 Access Point Compared to the previous TP-link wifi ac-based series such as the popular Omada Eap225 v3 which is designed with rectangular … Read more

Netgear XR1000 Wifi-6 Gaming Router vs Asus vs Archer

netgear xr1000 gaming router

There have been several wireless router models based on wifi-6 technology released by Netgear for all your wifi networking tasks at home including for sharing the internet, streaming videos and also online gaming. In additions, Netgear released Netgear xr1000 which is specially designed for online gaming needs. How good is the technical spec of this … Read more

Eero 6 Pro vs Orbi Rbk750 vs Velop Ax4200 Which One is the Best

Previously we discussed the comparison between eero 6 ax1800 with one of the mesh wifi products released by TP-link – the TP-link Deco x20 which is designed to work at the same network segment, namely ax1800. This time we will discuss the eero 6 Pro series which is then compared with one of the mesh … Read more

Linksys Velop AX4200 Mx12600 vs Deco X60

linksys velop ax4200

How urgent is your need for a mesh wifi product with ax4200 network segment if mesh wifi product with ax3000 network segment is sufficient for your needs given the striking price difference between ax4200 vs ax3000 mesh wifi? Velop ax4200 vs Deco ax3000 This time we will discuss the difference between Linksys Velop ax4200 (Velop … Read more