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Netgear Rax20 AX1800 Router vs Archer Ax20

Netgear introduces couples of low end wifi 6 router – Netgear Rax20 and Rax15 wifi 6 ax1800 routers. How good Rax20 is compared with TP-link Archer ax1800 router. With the emergence of many WiFi 6 technology-based products, most vendors firstly release their products in the high end class. We know Netgear with its Rax80 ax6000 router or TP-link with its Archer...

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Asus RT-AX1800 Wifi 6 Router vs TP-Link

Amid the emerging of wifi products based on wifi 6 technology – the 6th generation of wifi technology, every networking vendor certainly does not only produce products with the fastest WiFi technology AX11000 or AX6000, but also releases a WiFi product with low end WiFi axl500 WiFi 6 network segment. Asus Ax1800 Asus besides releasing wifi 6 products based on ax11000...

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Vanin RX4-1500 ax1500 vs Archer AX10

When Meshforce kicked off the mesh wifi system market with its Meshforce M1 and Meshforce M3s products with affordable price and it is now getting popular products, at the same time a wifi 6 router product in the low end class was introduced by Vanin, the Vanin RX4-1500. TP Link also does not want to be left behind, it also introduces...