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Asus vs Netgear AX11000 Wifi6 Routers

A gamer demands that all devices related to gaming gears have fast performance, fast internet connection, wifi router with fast performance, fast wifi connection of game device to router without latency no buffering, which is obviously the main point is fast performance for everything. For that reason Asus introduces Asus gt-ax11000 wifi6 ROG router, a new generation of wifi6 router like...


Netgear RAX200 Nighthawk AX11000 wifi6 Router

Netgear introduces new lines of awesome design wifi6 routers with 12 data streams – the Nighthawk AX12 Netgear RAX120 and RAX200 in addition of the 8 streams – the Netgear rax80 wifi6 router . The RAX200 is the Tri-band ax11000 wifi 6 router. We’ll compare it later with TP-link AX11000 wifi6 router. What this product does At a glance physically we...