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Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200

A next generation of wireless AD router is introduced by Netgear – the Nighthawk X10 wireless AD7200 multi band router delivering total bandwidth of up to 7200Mbps with three distinct bands, powered by high end 1.7GHz Quad core processor. Similar product was introduced by TP-link – the Talon AD7200 wireless router couple of months earlier than X10. What this product does...

TP-link Talon AD7200 0

New TP-link Talon AD7200 Wireless AD Router

TP-link Talon AD7200 is the first wireless router with the latest and greatest standard 802.11AD technology in the market today. What this product does The model design of TP-link Talon AD7200 is exactly the same as the current AC5400 product – the TP-link AC5400 router, solid flat body with eight external antennas that can be folded inward. Or it is similar...