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High Performance Netgear R7500 Nighthawk X4

I think that Netgear should’ve released Nighthawk X4 earlier than the X6 since X4 delivers lower speeds than X6. Total bandwidth X6 can deliver is up to 3200Mbps while X4 is up to 2350Mbps. However there is something special, a newer technology applied to X4 that X6 is absent. What this product does Nighthawk X4 (aka Netgear R7500) is a new...


Asus RT-AC87U Wireless AC2400 High Performance Router

Indeed Asus RT-AC3200 has not been released to the market (until this article is written Sep 2014) to compete with the Netgear R8000 AC3200 router which has been released to the market, Asus RT-AC87U has been introduced into the market, how it will compete with other high performance routers. Note: The newest Asus flagship is the RT-AC5300 three band router, check...