Bitdefender Box Hardware Cloud and Software

Bitdefender Box is combining Hardware, Cloud and Software for protecting your home network against any internet threats.

What this product does

Bitdefender Box is a device you need to connect to your home wireless router to help you protect all of your connected devices to the router against any wild of internet threats. It comes with unlimited license of total security 2018 consisting antivirus and malware protection for Windows PC and Mac as well as Android mobile devices that connect to your home network.

Bitdefender is like other competing products have been around in the market including Cujo firewall protection, or Fingbox security protection, and also Norton core wireless router.

Yearly subscription

Like Bitdefender internet security software, Bitdefender Box is not just purchasing the box one time but you need to purchase the yearly security protection. However, you don’t pay for two or three computers for protection like traditional software base security protection, with Bitdefender Box you just pay yearly subscription for unlimited devices connect to the router including Windows and Mac computers as well as Android based mobile devices.

Bitdefender Box


  • Easy to install, connect to your wireless router to protect all connected wireless clients to your network
  • Includes Bitdefender total security 2018 (antivirus and malware)
  • Includes free unlimited BOX support and product setup (a $39.99 value)
  • Combining hardware, cloud and software for all connected IoT devices
  • High speed performance for threat protection
  • Scanning network vulnerability assessment
  • Protects all of your critical business information assets
  • Remote network management via your mobile devices

The product is tagged with the price of $99.99 including the box and 1 year subscription. You have to renew for each year subscription.


Bitdefender Box connects to your wireless router for any kinds of virus and internet threat protection. With Bitdefender Box you still need to pay the yearly subscription. Is there any similar devices that play the same or similar role as Bitdefender Box?

Cujo firewall

You may consider Cujo smart internet security firewall that connect to your wireless router and protect all of your connected devices to the network, similar work as Bitdefender Box. However, with Cujo you need to pay only once when you purchase at the first time, free subscription.

Cujo Firewall protection

With Bitdefender you need to renew yearly subscription, Bitdefender is very popular in antivirus and internet protection software, now comes with hardware device – Bitdefender Box with yearly subscription for unlimited connected devices to your network.

Please assure that you won’t apply Cujo to couple of mesh wifi system –Luma home wifi system and Goggle mesh wifi system, however it works with any other mesh wifi system including TP-link Deco mesh wifi system, Eero and Orbi series such as Orbi wall plug satellite.

To learn more details, current price and rating click the link below:

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