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Asus Zenwifi XD5 vs Deco X68 Which One is Better?

Today you can find various models of Asus zenwifi series ranging from entry level segment up to premium top notch ax11000 network segment. Asus Zenwifi XD5 is another zenwifi series addition that sits between low and middle network segment.

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What this Asus Zenwifi XD5 does

The first generation of asus zenwifi mini is asus mini xd4 which is quite popular and compete tightly with tplink deco x20. At the last quarter of 2022 asus added another asus zenwifi mini series with slightly higher segment than xd4, i.e. asus zenwifi mini xd5. What is the main different between asus zenwifi xd4 and the newer model asus xd5?

Asus zenwifi xd5 vs xd4

Folks prefer to select newer model of product with slightly better specs when the price difference is not too much. Asus xd5 is designed with wider bandwidth to compete with similar products in the middle network segment such as deco x60 ax3000, Orbi rbk752 or affordable products offered by Tenda nova mx12 ax3000.

Asus XD5 AX3000

Take a glance look at the following spec comparison table between asus zenwifi mini xd5 and xd4 and see that the apparent technical spec different is that xd5 is dual band ax3000, wider bandwidth than ax1800 applied on asus xd4.

Other specs are almost the same including the same physical dimension, ethernet ports, and the inclusion of aiprotection classic powered by trend micro instead of airprotection pro.

Table 1 Asus zenwifi xd4 vs xd5

Asus Zenwifi ModelAsus Zenwifi mini XD5Asus Zenwifi mini XD4
Wifi segment  Dual band ax3000Dual band ax1800
Signal rates2402 Mbps @5GHz; 574 Mbps @2.4GHz;  1200 Mbps @5GHz; 574 Mbps @2.4GHz;  
Coverage5,000 sq ft / 3-packs4,800 sq ft / 3-pack
Ethernet Ports: 1x Gigabit WAN/LAN 1x Gigabit LANYesYes
WPA3-Personal, WPA/WPA2/WPA3-PersonalYesYes
AiProtection ClassicYesYes
Dimension: 3.54 x 3.54 x 3.35 inchesYesYes
MSRP$299.00 / 3-pack$279.99 / 3-pack

Over time the price of a product tends to drop especially when it comes to newer model products with better spec and technology released to the market with slightly the same price as those ones at the first time they released to the market, so do these new products.   

How will this product compete with others that work in the same network segment? Let’s compare this asus xd5 with the one offered by tplink deco x68.

Asus XD5 vs Deco X68

The first product offered by tplink in ax3000 network segment is deco x60 which is quite popular to date and the price begins to drop over time, meanwhile the new advanced model is designed with ai-based mesh technology.

Deco x60 is comparable with asus xd5 since both products work at the same network segment. However, the newer model deco x68 is designed with smart features with its ai-driven mesh technology. Let’s see how spec comparison between asus xd5 and deco x68 looks like. Refer to the following table 2 below and see if there are few technical spec differences between the two products.    

You may also like to see new introduction of ax3000 with POE support, see new Deco x50-poe mesh ax3000 with POE support

Wifi network

As specified technically by tplink that 2-pack deco x68 kit covers up to 5,500 sq ft, so does 3-pack asus xd5 kit. And with the same network coverage and price, which one gives you better value? Deco x68 is definitely giving wider bandwidth with reliable dedicated backhaul link between nodes as opposed to xd5 that shares backhaul link and connected clients @5ghz band.

Ai-driven mesh

The other added value for deco x68 is that the capability of delivering solid wifi network uniquely to your network environment with its ai-driven mesh technology. With standard mesh wifi system, the wifi router node just broadcast the signal in all direction with omni-directional antennas regardless of there are connected clients or not. Deco x68 with its ai-driven mesh technology learns your environment and then provides specific wifi network solidly at area with more client’s density.      

The recent mesh wifi 6 products released by tplink mostly come with ai-driven mesh technology which is initially applied to deco x90 ax6600. Few recent series came later including deco xe75 series, and also deco xe200 are applied with ai-driven mesh technology. The last two products are mesh wifi 6e with the addition of 6 GHz radio band.

Network name

Typically in mesh wifi network, both radio bands network use the same network name (single ssid name), so does deco x68. Asus xd5 gives you option either you use the same network name for both bands or you can use different name each radio band. With different network name each of radio band gives you instant notice either your connected devices connect using 2.4ghz or 5ghz radio band.

Network protection

Entry level of Asus products including this asus xd5 mostly come with free lifetime aiprotection classic network protection powered by trend micro. However, for middle to ultimate premium products come with free lifetime asus aiprotection pro. It’s a kind of network protection against any wild internet threats. In classic version, your aiprotection comes with full features like pro with the absences of intrusion prevention system (IPS), no internet activity dashboard and neither content filter.        

TP-Link Deco x68 AX3600

What about deco x68? It comes with tplink homeshield, it is also a kind of network security protection, real time IoT protection, robust parental controls, and complete reporting. The basic version is free, however for full / pro version you need to subscribe annually.

Take a look more details on the following spec comparison table 3 below between asus xd5 ax3000 and tplink deco x68 ax3600.    

Table 3 Asus xd5 ax3000 vs deco x68 ax3600

Mesh wifi 6 modelAsus Zenwifi XD5TP-link Deco X68
Wifi segmentDual band ax3000 AiMeshTri-band ax3600 with AI-driven mesh
Signal rates2402 Mbps @5GHz; 2×2 574 Mbps @2.4GHz;  2×2574 Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2 1,200 Mbps @5GHz 2×2 1,802 Mbps 5GHz  3×3
Antennas2x Internal dual band antennas5x High-Gain Internal Antennas
Coverage5,000 sq ft / 3-packs ; 2,400 sq ft / unit5,500 sq ft / 2-pack ; 2,800 sq ft / unit
Ethernet Ports: 1x Gigabit WAN/LAN 1x Gigabit LANYesYes
BackhaulShare wifi bandwidth and optional wired backhaulDedicated backhaul @5GHz and optional wired backhaul
Network nameSingle network name for both bands or different name each bandSingle network name both bands
Network protectionFree lifetime AiProtection classicTP-Link HomeShield free for basic plan and paid plan for homeshield Pro version
Price$299.99 / 3-pack$279.99 / 2-pack

3-pack asus xd5 kit is tagged with almost the same price as 2-pack of deco x68. You may see from online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc that the prices are fluctuating over time. Click the links below to see more details in Amazon (#ads).

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