Best Seller Asus RT-N66U High Performance Router

New Firmware

Asus RT-N66U is a great router but it was too sad that the first manufacturer firmware ( was not successful in delivering the router to function in its best. Too many users complaining with the first release of this router could not connect to the internet. But the new firmware release fixes the bug. It is surprising that the big company like Asus shipped the new product into the market with too many bugs found. How come the quality control department released new product with very serious bug found by the users – could not connect to the internet? But that was the past story and after the new firmware release, the full-features router is shining.

Upgrade Firmware

To upgrade the firmware, type in the router IP (by default is into your web browser and enter user-name and password (by default user-name is admin and password admin). From the menu Advance Settings->Administration->Firmware Upgrade. Click “Check” and the router will find the latest firmware and prompt for permission to install. Or you may come to  for the latest firmware upgrade.

What this product does

based on the fast wireless N900 wireless technology, this router sits in the first rank of Amazon best seller for long period of time before finally comes the newer wireless ac based router comes. learning from the past experiences, Asus doesn’t want to release a product without prior tighten quality of control.

Asus RT-N66U Highlights:

  • N900 simultaneous 450Mbps each band
  • Gigabit interfaces both LAN and WAN ports
  • Two USB ports for storage and printer, PnP and DLNA Media server
  • Download master for attached storage
  • Up to 3 SSIDs each bands
  • PPTP VPN server with MPPE encryption
Asus RT-N66U

Asus RT-N66U is really a great router in spite of the broken firmware at the first release, too sad. Following its success with the previous N600 version RT-N56U Black diamond, this new router is powered by the latest N900 wireless technology, strong signal and large coverage. With its Ai Radar high power amplifier, the router can provide strong signal as if it provides each devices dedicated signal. Unlike RT-N56U which is designed with internal amplifier antennas, this RT-N66U is designed with three adjustable external antennas for best signal performance and up to 450ft distance coverage.

Asus N66U White

Unlike other N900 routers, this Asus N66U is optimized with 256MB RAM and 32MB flash (plus Micro SD Card) for heavy load processing. You can compare it with Netgear WNDR4500 which is embedded with only 128MB RAM but with 128 flash. The processor is Broadcom 470 @ 600MHz, compare with upcoming Netgear WNDR4700 router with 1GHz processor.

Asus N66U panel

Unlike the other N900 routers which only work with broadband internet for its WAN connection, with this RT-N66U you can add USB 3G/4G dongle for cellular network as the alternative internet connectivity. It’s not a traveler router (like Airport Express or Asus WL330N3G) actually since it is designed for large home with multiple rooms and probably multi-floor can be covered.

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ASUS RT-N53 Router

Unlike the other two Black Diamond series RT-N56U and RT-N66U which include two USB ports, the RT-N53 doesn’t include USB port. You cannot have the facility to host an external storage disk or a USB printer for sharing across the network. RT-N53 is designed with N600 wireless technology, speeds up to 300Mbps each band and it is not equipped with gigabit Ethernet ports like the other two routers.

The good thing with RT-N53 is that it supports up to four SSIDs to let you segregate the network for different security boundaries.  The other thing that makes this router is different from general routers is that you can configure it as the AP repeater mode. But the RT-N53 can only support the 2.4GHz band for repeating the signal.

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