Belkin AC1800 and Linksys AC1900 How They Compare

How does comparison between Belkin F9K1118 Wireless AC1800 and Linksys EA6900 Wireless ac1900?


Belkin recently acquired Linksys Networking. Linksys is no longer under big name of Cisco network umbrella, but it is now under Belkin. However, they are not merged into a single brand but still separate brands – Belkin and Linksys.

Various models of wireless routers have been introduced into the market by either Belkin or Linksys particularly routers based on the fastest wifi technology (draft 802.11ac). The fastest wireless router offered by Belkin is F9K1118 wireless ac1800, while Linksys offers EA6900 wireless ac1900. How good they compete in the market?

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Belkin F9K1118 Vs Linksys EA6900

Physically both routers are designed with different model. Belkin keeps its tradition with flat oval and vertical form factor, while Linksys designs the router differently with three external antennas, not like its tradition with internal antenna arrays.

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Wifi technology

I’m just wondering why Belkin F9K1118 is not labeled with wireless ac1900 but is labeled with wireless ac1800, even though it specifies the speeds of up to 1900Mbps totally. Wireless ac1900 is the label that is typically used to denote the simultaneous dual band wifi speeds of up to 600Mbps plus 1,300Mbps for total bandwidth of up to 1900Mbps (theoretically). Probably it is because the speeds are always below the speeds written in the spec in the real world, indeed the theoretical speeds cannot be reached in the real world. On the other hand, Linksys uses the wireless ac1900 label to express user’s expectation that the router will perform the speeds as labeled.

Belkin AC1800
Belkin AC1800


Basically both routers apply similar antenna technology – MIMO with beamforming technology to lock and focus the wifi clients for solid connection. Belkin applies exclusive multi beam antenna technology to reduce dead spots and to optimize video streaming to multiple devices. Linksys EA6900, like other recent high performance class wireless routers, applies three adjustable external antennas with beamforming technology to let you arrange the antenna position for better clients’ coverage.

Port Interfaces

Four Ethernet port switch is more than enough for typical home network with solid wired connection. Both routers are embedded with four Gigabit LAN ports you can use to connect couples of desktop computers with wired UTP network cable and other Ethernet based devices including Smart-TV, Blu-Ray and more. If four is not enough you can always add a switch or wireless bridge devices. Linksys offers wireless ac media bridge – WUMC710 wireless ac1300 universal bridge with four Gigabit Ethernet ports to let you add up to four entertainment devices to connect wirelessly to your wireless ac network.

A typical one Gigabit WAN port is equipped to most high end wireless routers for optimum data rate transfer between router and modem, so is Linksys and Belkin. Surfboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with gigabit port is widely used and recommended modem to use by most cable operators to connect to the wireless router’s Gigabit WAN port.

Should you require sharing both storage and printer on the network, you have the same option to use either Belkin or Linksys router since both routers come with two USB ports; however Linksys EA6900 comes with one USB 3.0 port in addition to USB 2.0 port. This is ideal for storage disk with USB 3.0 port ready for 10 times faster data rate throughput than USB 2.0 port. Large data file transfer would be much faster eliminating the I/O storage traffic bottleneck.

Both routers support DLNA media server to allow your DLNA compliant devices stream multimedia files seamlessly from the USB attached storage.

Cloud feature

Unlike Belkin AC1800, all series of Linksys wireless ac routers come with smart wifi cloud software to let you manage your home network remotely via your mobile devices. You can manage devices connected to your home network, setting up router configuration including guest network, parental control, security setting and even troubleshot network problem remotely. This is a plus feature that Belkin AC1800 doesn’t have.

You cannot access the USB attached storage remotely but using FTP server feature. Should you require your router is capable of sharing your USB attached disk accessible across the cloud you may consider the D-link with MyDlink Shareport feature such as Dlink DIR-868L cloud router.

Comparison table Linksys Vs Belkin

 Belkin F9K1118Linksys EA6900
Wifi technologyWireless 802.11acWireless 802.11ac
Speeds300 Mbps (for 2.4 GHz), 300 Mbps or 1.3 Gbps (for 5 GHz)300 Mbps (for 2.4 GHz), 300 Mbps or 1.3 Gbps (for 5 GHz)



AntennaInternal antenna with MultiBeam technology3x adjustable external antennas with beam-Forming technology



Ethernet portsGigabit ports – 4xLAN and 1xWANGigabit ports – 4xLAN and 1xWAN



USB ports2x USB 2.0 in the rear panel1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0 both are in rear panel;



Media serverDLNA media serverDLNA certified media server and FTP server



Internet securityParental control by NortonSmart wifi – parental control – web filter and schedule



QoSIntellistream – Belkin’s proprietary Intellistream QoSWi-Fi traffic prioritization for smooth HD video performance.



Native VPN serverN/A,


VPN pass through



VPN pass through


Guest networkYes, the network name and


password for the guest network is located on the network information card found under the foot of your Router.

Yes, enabled by default only in 2.4GHz band. Guest network name and password is created when running the router’s setup software, can be changed anytime



Cloud featureN/ALinksys Smart Wifi software – manage your home network remotely using mobile devices



On Off ButtonsN/AN/A

Now, which one you need between Linksys EA6900 and Belkin AC1800 routers? You may like the newer Linksys EA7500 AC1900 router

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