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Asus Zenwifi Pro ET12 Axe11000 vs Orbi Rbke963 Which One Gives You Best Value

The competition in the premium top-notch axe11000 network segment has intensified with the release of several similar products following Netgear’s Orbi rbke963. The latest additions include the asus zenwifi et12 and tplink dexo xe200. So, how does the asus et12 compare to the netgear orbi rbke963 and other mesh axe11000 wifi 6e systems?

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Zenwifi Pro ET12

Asus has been a popular player in the mesh WiFi 6 market since the emergence of WiFi 6 products, with the Asus ZenWiFi XT8 leading the way as one of the top competitors against the Orbi RBK852. Asus then raised the bar with the introduction of two new mesh WiFi 6e products: the Asus ZenWiFi ET8 and ET12. Recently, Asus also debuted their premium model, the Asus ZenWiFi XT12.

So, what sets apart these three  asus zenwifi series: et8, et12 and xt12?

Zenwifi ET8 vs ET12 vs XT12 vs XT12

Unlike typical three-radio band mesh WiFi 6 models that feature two 5GHz radio bands and one 2.4GHz band, the Asus ZenWiFi ET8 and ET12 models take advantage of the new WiFi 6e technology, with three distinct radio bands at 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz.

In terms of network segment perspective, the ET12 works on a network segment that’s twice as large as the ET8, and it boasts different signal rates and number of data streams for each radio band. While the Asus ZenWiFi ET12 and XT12 differ significantly in their WiFi technology, they operate on the same network segment with an aggregated bandwidth of up to 11,000Mbps.

Note: Wifi 7 technology is just around the corner, this next 7th generation of wifi technology also uses 6ghz like wifi 6e. We’ll see in couple of months new introductions of wifi 7 products will be available in the market soon. See TP-Link wifi 7 products that have been unveiled in its website.

Asus Pro et12 AXE11000
Asus Pro et12 AXE11000


Note that all three radio bands for et12 and xt12 are capable of providing 4×4 data streams, either for clients or for wifi backhaul needs. Meanwhile, with et8 only the @6Ghz radio band is capable in sending 4×4 data streams for dedicated backhaul links between nodes. On the other hand, for the other two radio bands can deliver 2×2 MU-MIMO for connected devices.

The 4×4 MU-MIMO technology in the three radio bands of the Asus ET12 and XT12 offers faster and more efficient connectivity for your home network. This means that with a 2×2 MU-MIMO capable device, such as laptops or desktops with a USB AX1800 adapter like the Fenvi AX1800, the router can deliver two data streams to two laptops in one go. So you can experience enhanced speed and performance.

On the other hand, the Asus ET8, with its 2×2 MU-MIMO technology on two of its radio bands, can deliver only two data streams to a single computer with the USB AX1800 adapter, resulting in limited speed and performance.

With its advanced technology, the ASUS ET12 and XT12 mesh WiFi 6e models surpass the previous ASUS ZenWiFi ET8 by offering 4×4 MU-MIMO on each of its three radio bands. These are theoretical calculations and actual performance may vary based on real-world conditions.

To better understand the difference, check out the detailed comparison table between the ASUS ZenWiFi ET8, ET12, and XT12.

Table 1 Asus Zenwifi et12 vs xt12 vs et8

ModelAsus Zenwifi et12Asus Zenwifi et8Asus Zenwifi XT12
Wifi technologySimultaneous tri-band axe11000 with 12-streamsSimultaneous tri-band axe6600 with 8-streamsSimultaneous tri-band ax11000
Signal speeds1,148 Mbps @2.4GHz 4×4; 4,804 Mbps @5GHz 4×4; 4,804 Mbps @6GHz 4×4574 Mbps @2.4GHz 2×2; 1,200 Mbps @5GHz 2×2; 4,804 Mbps @6GHz 4×41,148 Mbps @2.4GHz 4×4; 4,804 Mbps @5GHz 4×4; 4,804 Mbps @5GHz 4×4
Ethernet Ports1x 2.5 Gbps WAN 1x 2.5 Gbps LAN 2x 1.0 Gbps LAN1x 2.5Gbps WAN port; 3x 1.0Gbps LAN ports;1x 2.5Gbps WAN port; 1x 2.5Gbps LAN port; 2x 1.0Gbps LAN ports with link aggregation
Processor2.0GHz Quad Core 64-bit Processor 256 MB Flash + 1.0 GB RAM1.5GHz quad core processor with 256MB Flash and 512 MB RAM2.0GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU and Broadcom WiFi 6 chipset

The three ZenWifi series models are equipped with multi-gig WAN ports (2.5Gbps), which can be leveraged when a higher bandwidth internet connection is required, and your modem also supports multi-gig Ethernet ports. With the emergence of high-speed DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems such as the Arris s33, Netgear cm2000, and the more affordable Motorola mb8611, you now have options to choose from for a multi-gig internet connection.

See also Netgear cm2000 vs Motorola mb8611 docsis 3.1 cable modem.

Now, let’s see how the Asus zenwifi pro et12 stacks up against the top-of-the-line Netgear Orbi rbke963 in terms of performance and features

Asus ET12 vs Orbi Rbke963

Asus has released three routers series with abundant bandwidth of 11000mbps, one series with ax11000 wifi 6 router (asus gt-ax11000), one series is axe11000 wifi 6e router (Asus rog rapture axe11000) and the latest one is this asus zenwifi pro et12 axe11000 mesh wifi 6e system we discuss here. And today you can find asus added another ax11000 mesh wifi 6 series, asus zenwifi xt12 as we just discussed above.

Table 2 below shows you spec and feature’s comparison between asus et12 and orbi rbk963 products.

Orbi Rbke963 axe11000 / Orbi Rbke962
Orbi Rbke962 axe11000

Wifi design

The Asus Zenwifi Pro ET12 and the Netgear Orbi RBK963 are both high-performing mesh WiFi systems that offer fast and reliable internet speeds. Both devices offer a total bandwidth of up to 11,000Mbps, with the main difference between the two being in the distribution of bandwidth across their respective radio bands.

While the Orbi RBK963 comes with four radio bands, the Asus Zenwifi Pro ET12 has three. The Asus Zenwifi Pro ET12 utilizes the 6GHz radio band both as a dedicated backhaul link and for sharing with other compatible WiFi 6e devices. On the other hand, the Orbi RBK963 uses this band as a compatible connection for all devices, ensuring all connected devices can interact with the router faster and with multiple data throughput.

Both the Asus Zenwifi Pro ET12 and the Netgear Orbi RBK963 provide approximately the same 4×4 data stream for each radio band, ensuring all compatible devices can have faster interactions with both routers. This provides a smoother and more efficient internet experience for multiple clients simultaneously.

Both the Asus Zenwifi Pro ET12 and the Netgear Orbi RBK963 utilize multiple radio bands to manage communication between the router and satellite nodes. While most mesh wifi systems communicate via a wifi connection, both products also offer the option for wired backhaul if that’s possible.

The Asus Zenwifi Pro ET12 uses the 6GHz radio band for both backhaul and as a connection to compatible 6GHz-based devices. It also has the option for automatic backhaul between wifi and wired, and the system will choose the best route for backhaul.

On the other hand, the Netgear Orbi RBK963 uses the 6GHz band for compatible 6GHz devices, while the dedicated 5GHz band is used for backhaul and another 5GHz radio band is used for all compatible 5GHz devices. This offers a slightly different approach, but both products aim to provide fast and efficient communication for all connected devices.

Wired backhaul

Both the Asus ET12 and Orbi RBK963 offer multiple LAN ports, allowing for the wired backhaul option to be utilized. This is beneficial as it eliminates the need for data to be transmitted through one or multiple satellite nodes before reaching the mesh router, as seen in daisy chain topology. Instead, a star topology can be employed, connecting satellite nodes directly to the mesh router for improved performance..

Ethernet Ports

Both the Asus ET12 and the Netgear Orbi RBK963 are equipped with multi-gig Ethernet ports, providing more connectivity options than traditional Wi-Fi routers. Both routers can be connected to multi-gig modems, such as the Arris S33, Motorola MB8611, or Netgear CM2000, all of which are DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems that work with major cable providers.

What sets the Orbi RBK963 apart is its 10Gbps WAN port, providing incredibly fast internet speeds of up to 10Gbps. Currently, not many consumers have access to internet plans that are capable of utilizing such speeds, but you can look into providers like Sonic Fiber to see if they offer 10Gbps plans.

The 10Gbps WAN port is ahead of its time and is likely preparing for the future implementation of 10G internet and DOCSIS 4.0 cable technology in the next few years. For more information, see the detailed specs and feature comparison between the Asus ET12 and the Netgear Orbi RBKE963.

Table 2 Asus axe11000 vs Orbi Rbke962

ModelAsus Zenwifi Pro ET12Orbi Rbke962
Wifi technologySimultaneous tri-band axe11000 with 12 streams
supports either Aimesh router or Aimesh node
Simultaneous four-band axe11000 with 16 streams
Signal rates1,148 Mbps @2.4GHz 4×4;
4,804 Mbps @5GHz 4×4;
4,804 Mbps @6GHz 4×4 (backhaul)
1200 Mbps @2.4GHz 4×4  
2400 Mbps @5GHz 4×4; 
2400 Mbps @6GHz 4×4 ;  
4800Mbps @ 5GHz 4×4 (backhaul)
Antennas10x internal antennas12x high-performance internal antennas with high-power amplifiers
Processor2.0GHz Quad Core 64-bit Processor
256 MB Flash + 1.0 GB RAM
Powerful Quad-Core 2.2GHz processor
512MB NAND Flash and 1GB RAM
Ethernet Ports1x 2.5 Gbps WAN
1x 2.5 Gbps LAN
2x 1.0 Gbps LAN
1x 10.0 Gbps WAN port; 
1x 2.5 Gbps LAN port; 
3x 1.0 Gbps LAN ports    
Satellite:  1x 2.5Gbps LAN  3x 1.0Gbps LAN ports 
BackhaulDedicated backhaul @6GHz and optional wired Ethernet backhaul4800Mbps @5GHz dedicated backhaul and optional wired backhaul
Coverage6,000 Sq ft / 2-pack6,000 sq ft
SecurityWPA2; WPA3-personal Guest network 9 rules RADIUS server Free Aiprotection pro  WPA2; WPA3 Guest network Netgear armor plan
Smart FeaturesWorks with Alexa and Ok GoogleWorks with Alexa and Google assistant
Dimension4.5 in x 4.5 in x 9.4 in
(115 mm x 115 mm x 241 mm)
11 in x 7.5 in x 3.3 in (279.0 mm x 190.5 mm x 83.8 mm)
Weight3.3 lb (1,500 g)3.0lb (1,360 g)
Price$899.99 (2-pack)$1,499.99 (3-pack)

Both asus zenwifi et12 and Orbi rbk963 are still costly, however their prices will be dropped when new products introduction are coming. Click the product’s link below to see current price, learn more details and get best deals in Amazon (#ads) or Best Buy (#ads).

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