Asus Wifi-6 AX3000 Adapter vs Archer Tx3000

In the application of the latest generation of wireless ax technology (wifi-6) on wireless-6 routers as well as wifi-6 mesh wifi systems, there is always a delay in the production of wifi-6 adapters. Now many wifi-6 adapters have been released, especially for desktops with PCI-e slots including the Asus pce-ax58t and Asus pce-ax3000, and also TP-link which released the Archer tx3000x.  

Asus wifi-6 Adapters

There are two wifi-6 adapter models released by Asus to the market, namely the Asus pce-ax58t and Asus pce-ax3000, both of which are designed with the dual band to work on the ax3000 network segment with wifi speeds of up to 2402Mbps @ 5ghz radio band and 574Mbps @ 2.4ghz radio band when connect to existing wifi-6 routers or mesh wifi-6 system such as Asus rt-ax86u ax5700 router or Asus rt-ax82u ax5400 router. What is the difference between Asus pce-ax58t and Asus pce-ax3000?

Asus PCE-ax3000 wifi-6 adapter
Asus PCE-ax3000 wifi-6 adapter

Asus pce-ax58t Vs Asus pce-ax3000

Before finding what the differences between the two models, it’s better to discuss what these products are all about.


Both of these adapters are based on PCI-express technology and need to insert to those desktop computers with available PCI-express slot on their board.

Indeed, this type of PCI adapter is a bit difficult for those who don’t like technical works, because to be able to install this PCI adapter you have to open the desktop computer case, it’s not as easy as attaching a USB adapter to a desktop or laptop computer that doesn’t need to open the computer case to install it.

Asus PCE-ax58BT AX3000 adapter
Asus PCE-ax58BT AX3000 adapter


Like Archer tx3000e, both of these Asus wifi-6 adapters are based on ax3000 network segment technology with 2×2 MU-MIMO technology delivering wifi speeds of up to 2402Mbps @5GHz plus up to 600Mbps @2.4GHz, ideal in connecting to any of 2×2 MU-MIMO wifi-6 routers or 4×4 MU-MIMO wifi-6 routers such as Asus rt-ax82u or rt-ax86u wifi-6 routers, or any mesh wifi systems such as Netgear Orbi rbk752 or Velop mx10 or Asus rt-ax92u that also come with 4×4 MU-MIMO.

So if there are two desktop computers with Asus ax3000 adapters connect to 4×4 MU-MIMO wifi-6 routers, technically the router will send two streams data to both computers concurrently at a time, very fast and reduce network latency.

Bluetooth 5.0

If you find that Bluetooth 4.8 (BT 4.8) is fast enough in connecting and transferring data between Bluetooth devices, BT 5.0 is twice as fast as BT 4.8 and wider coverage up to fourfold than BT 4.8. Both Asus ax3000 pci-e adapters come with built-in BT 5.0 to allow fast connection of any Bluetooth devices including Bluetooth speaker, keyboard, headphone etc to the computers.

So what is the difference between the two models? Asus PCE-ax3000 comes with two external antennas connect right to the adapter card you can arrange the direction to fit the best signal reception. On the other hand, Asus PCE-ax58bt comes with two external antennas with the base you can place on your desktop at the height with cable extension to the adapter. This is similar model as introduced by TP-link Archer tx3000e wifi-6 adapter.


  • Wifi-6 ax3000 PCI-e adapter dual band
  • Delivers wifi speed up to 2400Mbps @5GHz radio band plus up to 600Mbps @2.4GHz radio band with 2×2 MU-MIMO technology and OFDMA
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 – twice as fast as BT 4.8 and up to 4x coverage
  • Two external antennas with easy to adjust the position for best signal reception  
  • Support latest WPA3 wifi security encryption in industry

Both Asus PCE-ax3000 and Asus PCE-ax58BT wifi-6 adapters are based on PCI-e technology for desktop computers with PCI-e slot available. Either Archer tx3000x or Asus ax3000 adapter is tagged under $50 in Amazon, prices are fluctuating by time. Click the link below to SHOP in Amazon.

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