Asus RT-N14UHP High Power Cloud Router

Asus RT-N14UHP is a high power wireless n300 router with three different operating modes, wireless router, AP and range extender.


Asus seemed to move backwards by launching a wireless router with N300 standard when the manufacturers are producing wide range of wireless router variances based on the new 5th generation of wifi technology (wireless ac). Actually Asus has released various models of wireless ac routers ranging from wireless ac1200 to the most advanced wireless AC1900 (RT-AC68U) technology. Some people are wondering why Asus is releasing a new RT-N14UHP wireless N300 router, what are the main advantages of this router?

Main features

  • Based on wireless N300 technology
  • Comes with 3x detachable external high power antennas
  • Includes 1x USB 2.0 port
  • Asus AiCloud
  • Can be configured for AP, Router or Range extender

What this product does

The router is intended for consumers who expect a strong signal that can cover the entire corners of the house including two-story house with the high power technology applied on this router a technology with three long external antennas for optimal range. It is integrated with hardware signal power amplifier. Standard wireless routers typically come with 2dBi antenna gain, but this RT-N14UHP comes with 9dBi antenna gain to cover three times wifi coverage of standard routers. Not many models of standard wireless N routers that comes with high power amplifiers. You can mention TP-link with its new TL-WR841HP with two external 9dBi antenna gain, or Amped R10000 router that comes with two high power 5dBi external antennas (this one is dual band router).

You may also like to see Amped RTA15 high power wireless ac router.

3G/4G Share

Asus RT-N14UHP

Unlike with the other two routers (TP-link 841HP and Amped R10000) that are not equipped with USB port, this Asus N-14UHP is embedded with one USB 2.0 port to let you share the storage or printer. Not just that, like other new Asus routers, the USB port can be used to share the 3G/4G network a feature not many routers are supported including TP-link WR841HP (even this router doesn’t come with USB port). This is beneficial when your main wired internet connection experiences a disruption or broadband internet service is not available in your area, you can subscribe a cellular network plan with USB dongle.

Unfortunately, you cannot use both wired broadband internet (connected to the cable or DSL modem into the WAN port) and the 3G modem in failover configuration like those mobile routers such as Cradlepoint MBR95. With MBR95 you can connect both wired broadband internet and 3G in failover configuration. If the main connection is failure, the system will detect automatically and then switch the internet to the second connection. This is what we call failover. This is ideal when you demand an uninterruptable internet services to keep your business running.

Asus RT-N14UHP backpanel

Cloud feature

Today ‘cloud’ is an era that has become a business need and even becomes a connected lifestyle trend. You have the data at home (both business data and multimedia data including music, movie or images) that are stored in the storage connected to the USB port of your router, you can access it from anywhere you are when you are on the go. And the good thing you can access them via your mobile devices either Android or iOS devices. That is what is offered by RT-N14UHP – Asus AiCloud feature to let you sync all your data between your home network and cloud storage and even with your friend’s home network.

WR841HP and most other TP-link routers so far do not have cloud feature, however some of them have native VPN feature like its ADSL model TD-W8980 which supports up to 10 IPSec tunneling. With this feature you can connect to your home network via secure tunneling when you are away from home.

Multi modes

One advantage of this router is the ease to change the configuration from the router mode to the range extender mode with its EZ Switch software. In time if you want to replace your router with another more full feature router, you still can use this device and configure it as a range extender for longer distance coverage.

Comparison table Asus Vs TP-link

The spec comparison table below shows you the differences (if any) between Asus RT-N14UHP and TP-link WR-841HP. both products are claimed that their routers are high power router to cover large area and many obstacles in homes.

Table 1 Comparison table RT-N14UHP Vs WR841HP

 Asus RT-N14UHPTP-link WR841HP
Wireless technologyHigh power wireless N300 router single band 2.4GHzHigh power wireless N300 router single band 2.4GHz
Antenna design3x detachable 9dBi high gain antenna


coverage up to two floors building

MIMO technology 2 x 2

2x detachable external 9dBi high gain Omni Directional antennas and High power amplifier
Ethernet Port4x 10/100Mbps LAN Ports
1x 10/100Mbps WAN Port
4x 10/100Mbps LAN Ports
1x 10/100Mbps WAN Port
USB Port1x USB 2.0 port


AiCloud personal cloud service

3G/4G data sharing

Printer Server

Multifunctional printer support (Windows only)

LPR protocol support

Operation modesWireless router mode


Range extender mode

Access point mode

Media bridge mode

Wireless router mode


Wireless access point mode


You can see that the price for Asus RT-N14UHP is three times as much as TP-link 841hp with the absence of USB port and multi-mode features. Should you don’t require USB port for sharing the storage, TP-link router is more economical.

Asus introduces newer model of entry level wireless ac router – Asus RT-ACRH13 which supports MU-MIMO technology. It is based on wireless AC1300 router technology.

You may also like new model Asus offers – the Asus RT-Ax88U wifi6 high power wifi gaming router and TP-link offers TP-link AX6000 wifi6 router.

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