Asus RT-N14U Best Value Router

What this product does

The RT-N14U is the first Asus best value router that supports AiCloud app to let you sync, share, stream and access your content connected to router’s USB port via your Android and iOS mobile devices and any other computers anywhere you can access the internet. With the USB port you can also share the printer, storage or 3G-4G cellular network.

Main features

  • Based on wireless n300, stylist black diamond
  • Cloud supports with AiCloud
  • Fast Ethernet interfaces
  • Versatile USB port for storage, printer or failover 3G share
  • Multiple guest networks
  • Easy to setup with Asuswrt UI management

Cloud ready

It is wondering why Asus introduced new standard router based on wireless N300 wifi technology early year of 2013 when markets are overwhelmed with various models of routers based on latest generation of wifi technology (wireless ac) with the speeds of up to 1300Mbps. Probably Asus would like to target home users that demand standard wifi network that supports cloud features for seamless connection to their Android, iOS and other tablet computers. Indeed, this router is specifically designed for Cloud with exclusive Asus AiCloud apps. Asus AiCloud app allows you sync, share, stream and access your USB connected storage anywhere you can access the internet in the palm of your hand.

Cloud Disk

The Asus RT-N14U includes one USB port you can attach a USB disk storage to the router and then configure from your mobile devices (Android or iOS) that connects wirelessly to the router; the AiCloud app will automatically guide you through the setup process. With the AiCloud app you can access your home network and data via a personalized web-link and is accessible via your Android and iOS or other smart-phones while on the go, everywhere.

Asus RT-N14U

This is a new era of cloud, where data is available anywhere you require accessing them from your mobile devices, Android or iPad or any tablet computers. Not just that, should you have multiple online web-cloud services you can sync the data all of them to keep update. This is the demand of the cloud era.

Asus AiCloud

You may learn more detail about Asus AiCloud by watching this video introduction (courtesy by Asus and YouTube).

Compare with D-link 826L

Asus RT-N14U is not the only standard routers available in the market with cloud features. For example you can mention D-link DIR-826L wireless N600 dual band gigabit router. This is a very economical router with the price under $50 in Amazon. Most recent new D-link routers come with this cloud features such as D-link DIR-868L. See also D-link compared with Asus.

Main features

  • Based on wireless N600 wifi technology, simultaneous dual band
  • Speeds of up to 300Mbps each band
  • Gigabit interfaces
  • USB SharePort
  • MyDlink Cloud management

What is the main cloud features for this D-link 826L router? D-link offers cloud services that allows your data stored in your disk storage connected to the router’s USB port as your personal cloud. With this feature you can access your data anywhere you have interne access from your mobile devices including Android or iPad or other smart-phone devices. Store your media and document library in your personal cloud while you can control your personal data and home network securely.

Watch this D-link 826L video introduction to help you understand what this router is all about (courtesy by D-link and YouTube):

Comparison table

To help you understand the differences between the routers, the table below shows you spec differences if any.

 Asus RT-N14D-link DIR-826L
Wifi technologyWireless N300 single band 2.4GHzWireless N600, simultaneous dual band
SpeedsUp to 300MbpsUp to 600Mbps; 300Mbps each band
Ethernet ports4x 10/100Mbps; 1x 10/100Mbps WAN port4x Gigabit LAN and 1x Gigabit WAN port
USB port1x USB 2.01x USB 2.0
3G shareYesNo
Guest networkYes, 3x Guest networks1x Guest zone each band
Cloud featureAiCloud servicesMyDlink cloud services
PriceUnder $75Under $60

You can see the main differences between the two routers, D-link 826L offers dual band simultaneous and gigabit interfaces while Asus N14U offers single band and fast Ethernet ports. The main difference is the 3G share capability offered by Asus while D-link 826L isn’t.

In situations where wired broadband internet is not available, you can use USB modem and share the cellular network with others. The good think is that you can install both wired broadband and 3G to create such a failover system to the 3G when wired broadband is interrupted, and it works vice versa. Mostly Asus high performance routers (such as Asus RT-AC66U, RT-AC56U and the latest AC68U) come with 3G share capability.

For small to medium home, you may also consider the newer model of Asus RT-ACRH13 with MU-MIMO technology. Click here for comparison between Asus RT-ACRH13 vs Linksys vs Netgear.

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