Asus RT-AX92U vs Netgear vs TP-link

Asus specifically introduces RT-AX92U as mesh wifi system based on wifi 6 technology.

Asus doesn’t want to be left behind by Netgear in producing the latest wifi router based on the latest wifi 6 technology (wireless ax) – the 6th generation of wifi technology. If Netgear released several wifi 6 based products including Netgear rax40 wifi 6 router with ax3000 at the lowest level to Netgear rax200 ax11000 for the fastest level, then Asus also released several models of wifi 6 based routers, namely Asus rt-ax88u ax6000 router, Asus Gt-ax11000 and dedicated to the mesh system – Asus rt-ax92u mesh wifi system.

Asus wifi 6 routers

For the lowest level Asus released rt-ax88u which is in the same network segment with netgear rax80 (see comparison of asus rt-ax88u vs netgear rax80 wifi 6 routers). While for the above level is Asus gt-ax11000 which is in the same network segment with netgear rax200 (see comparison of Asus gt-ax11000 vs Netgear AX11000). Meanwhile Asus also released a WiFi 6-based mesh wifi system namely Asus RT-AX92U which is sold in a pair package. Until now Netgear has not released a similar product.

asus rt-ax92u wifi 6 mesh wifi system
Asus rt-ax92u wifi 6 mesh wifi system

What this RT-AX92u does

If so far we have seen a few number of mesh wifi system products using a dedicated radio band for backhaul links between nodes based on wifi ac band, Asus RT-Ax92u uses a wifi 6-based radio band as a backhaul link between ac92u nodes with speeds up to 4,800mbps. So client devices use the other two available wifi AC and wifi N bands for communication from clients to the base station (ax92u node). It doesn’t mean the available wifi-6 based clients cannot connect to the network because the available wifi 6 band is used as dedicated backhaul link, they can still connect sharing bandwidth with backhaul link. See also wifi ax adapter for desktop and laptop.

Asus claims that the rt-ax92u is the first wifi mesh system model that uses wifi-6 technology for dedicated backhaul link between nodes.

The question is if you don’t have any WiFi clients based on WiFi 6 technology, wouldn’t that highway dedicated backhaul link be less optimal? Because if your clients are based on wifi ac and wifi n, then practically dedicated backhaul link up to 4Gbps bandwidth is a waste, less advantageous. So if so, just use the optional wired backhaul instead of wireless backhaul.

Optional wired backhaul

Another option is to use an Ethernet backhaul link, you can pull the Cat6e UTP network cable as an Ethernet backhaul link between nodes. This model is very stable because the network between links uses UTP cables rather than wifi, which sometimes experiences signal interference or signal attenuation barriers. The good thing about this Ethernet link model is that you can use all three available radio bands for connected devices.


  • Three band wifi 6 mesh wifi system ax6000 with total aggregated bandwidth 400Mbps + 867Mbps + 4804Mbps same as those competing products such as TP-link archer ax6000 or Netgear rax80 routers.
  • High bandwidth wifi 6 dedicated backhaul link with speed up to 4,804Mbps for link between nodes and also for wifi 6-based clients. The other two bands are for clients, 867Mbps wifi ac and 400Mbp wifi n clients.
  • Optional wired  Ethernet backhaul link for reliable solid connection and the other three radio bands are for clients.
  • Coverage up to 5,500 sq ft for 2-set
  • OFDMA, beamforming, MU-MIMO, and 20/40/80/160 Mhz bandwidth supports
  • 4x Gigabit LAN and 1xGigabit WAN ports
  • 1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.1 gen1
  • AiProtection Pro network security powered by Trend Micro

The above list shows the main features and spec, to learn more spec details and manufacturer’s description and link to shop in Amazon – click the following product links:

Click here for Asus RT-AX92U mesh wifi 6 system

Asus rt-ax92u vs Netgear rax80 vs TP-link ax6000

Asus rt-ax92u is a mesh wifi system with high bandwidth dedicated wifi 6 based backhaul link, and the other two radio bands are for wifi ac and n clients. Wifi -6 based clients still connect share bandwidth with backhaul link.

dual band

Netgear rax80 or Nighthawk ax8 ax6000 is a simultaneous dual band wifi 6 router, same technology as TP-link Archer ax6000, when you require to expand coverage you need to add wireless range extender such as Netgear nighthawk x6 or Linksys re9000 range extender.

With Netgear rax80 or Archer ax6000 you have all user’s bandwidth of up to 6,000mbps, up to 4,8Gbps @5Ghz for wifi 6 clients and backward compatible with wifi ac.

Related products

If you want to start mesh wifi network system from a mesh wifi router, you can try Linksys MR8300 mesh wifi router which can cover an area of 2,000 sq ft. And when you need a wider range, just add the Linksys Velop node.

Asus rt-ax92u is a wifi 6-based mesh wifi system. should you require wifi 6-based wireless access point, you may try EnGenius wifi ax access point with its products – EnGenius ews357 and ews377.

Nokia offers mesh wifi system – click here for Nokia Beacon 1 and 3 mesh wifi v Orbi.

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