Asus Rp-ax56 AX1800 Range Extender vs Netgear

Asus introduces new Asus rp-ax56 dual band ax1800 wifi 6 range extender. How does this product compare with Netgear eax15?

What this product does

Why should you use the ax1800 range extender instead of the ac1200 range extender when your existing wifi router is still based on wifi ac? The ax1800 range extender provides a total bandwidth of up to 1800Mbps when paired with wifi 6 router, however when it is paired with a wifi ac router, the total bandwidth is equivalent to the ac1200 range extender. Wifi 6 is backward compatible with wifi 5 technology.

Asus rp-ax56 is a simultaneous dual band ax1800 wifi-6 range extender which features universal connection to any third party wireless routers, gateway or access point.


If your current wifi router at home is an Asus AiMesh router such as Asus rt-ax89u or other Asus ax6000 wifi 6 routers that already support AiMesh technology, then it’s a good idea to add asus rp-ax56 range extender if the need to increase the coverage exists. Why? By connecting to the same aimesh technology devices, you can create mesh wifi system which can extend all the features of your aimesh router including using the same SSID and password.

Asus rp-ax1800 range extender
Asus rp-ax1800 range extender

Or you can also create separate SSID to segregate certain traffic for gaming for example from other standard traffic. Mostly all new Asus wifi 6 router products feature Aimesh technology.


  • Simultaneous dual band ax1800 wifi 6 range extender
  • Extend coverage up to 1,201Mbps @5GHz and up to 574Mbps @2.4GHz radio bands with 2×2 each band
  • Equipped with 3x internal antennas covers up to 2,200 sq ft
  • Features AiMesh technology, combines with other AiMesh router to create whole home mesh wifi with single SSID or you can create separate SSID
  • Comes with 1x Gigabit Ethernet LAN port for wired connection to Ethernet-based devices

You get advantages when connecting this Asus rp-ax56 ax1800 wifi-6 range extender to any compatible Asus Aimesh wifi routers such as Asus rt-ax3000 router or Asus rt-ax86u router.

Asus ax1800 Range Exender vs Netgear

A product that can be a competitor from Asus is the Netgear eax15. What are the main differences between Asus vs Netgear ax1800 range extender? We see in table 1 below the spec comparison between the two products.


Both of these products are universal, this range extender can pair with any third party wifi routers from any vendor.

Asus rp-ax56 ax1800 range extender features AiMesh technology and if you connect it to any compatible Aimesh router they create mesh wifi system; you can either use the same SSID as the router or create separate SSID.

Netgear eax15 ax1800 range extender
Netgear eax15 ax1800 range extender

On the other hand, Netgear eax15 is a mesh range extender you can connect to any third party wifi router and use the same network name and password as the connected router.

 Table 1 Asus rp-ax56 vs Netgear eax15

ModelAsus RP-AX56Netgear eax15
Wifi technologySimultaneous dual band ax1800 wifi 6 with Aimesh technologySimultaneous dual band ax1800 wifi-6 with 4-streams MU-MIMO
Wifi speeds1,201Mbps @5GHz  2×2 574Mbps @2.4GHz  2×2Band 1: 0.6Gbps @2.4GHz – 1024QAM Band 2: 1.2Gbps @5GHz – 1024QAM
Antennas3x internal antennasInternal antennas
Ethernet Port1x RJ45 for Gigabits BaseT for LAN1x 10/100/1000 Ethernet port with auto-sensing technology
SecurityExtend all aimesh routers including AiProtection,Standards-based Wi-Fi Security (802.11i, 128-bit AES encryption with PSK)
Mesh supportSupport mesh with any compatible Asus AiMesh routerscreates a mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with your existing router
ModesRange extender Wifi AP Media bridge AimeshRange extender

Both Asus rp-ax56 and Netgear eax15 ax1800 range extenders are sold at the same price around $100.00 in some online stores. Can this product compete with others and become one of best wifi range extenders in 2021? Click the link below to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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