Asus RP-AC68U Vs Netgear EX7000 AC1900 Range Extender

Asus and Netgear introduce new high speed wireless AC1900 range extender with 5 gigabit Ethernet ports and USB 3.0 port. How do you compare between Asus AC1900 RP-AC68U and Netgear AC1900 EX7000 range extender?


Unlike Netgear that introduces various models of high speed dual band wireless AC range extender in the last couple of years including two new models of wall plug design EX6400 AC1900 and Nighthawk X4 AC2200 (up to Feb 2016 they are not available in the market yet), Asus just released one range extender with AC1900 – Asus RP-AC68U. It is not a wall-plug design but the desktop model with five LAN ports, and the only range extender device released with AC1200 is RP-AC56 – a wall-plug design.


While Netgear introduces three models of extender device with AC1200, two are wall-plug models and the other one is Netgear X6200 a desktop model extender. Asus RP-AC68U and Netgear EX7000 are similar models, desktop models. So what’s are the differences?

Comparison RP-AC68U Vs EX7000

Before comparing more details between the two models, let see at a glance what features are supported with this Asus AC1900 extender model.


  • Desktop model based on wireless AC1900
  • Dual band with total speeds of up to 1900Mbps (1300 + 600)
  • Comes with smart LED signal indicator for finding best location to perform the best
  • 5 Gigabit LAN ports and 1x USB 3.0 port
  • High performance ExpressWay and Roaming Assist features for best device connection
Asus RP-AC68U

Asus RP-AC68U AC1900 Range extender

The design of this Asus RP-AC68U is like a mini magic cube, no external antennas like it’s competitor Netgear EX7000, it’s like a NAS in general. The other range extender models from different vendors come with external antennas like the ones offered by TP-link RE580D and EX7000, or you may compare it with touch screen range extender offered by TP-link – RE590T. Doesn’t it equip with antennas? Yes, off course. It comes with 4x dual band internal antennas and with the addition of Roaming Assist feature, your extender connects all the clients with stable signal strength while roaming within the homes.


Both Asus RP-AC68U and EX7000 are based on the same wireless AC1900 technology to extend your existing wireless AC network in home or small offices, it’s better extending the network with the same wireless AC1900 router, from different vendors are OK such as new Linksys WRT AC1900ACS – a new open source router, or any other Top 5 AC1900 routers available in the market today.

Connecting to the router is easy by pressing the WPS button and with the addition of Smart LED signal indicator to help you place the best location to perform best signal strength. Netgear doesn’t come with this types of LED indicator but WPS button.

Nighthawk EX7000 wireless range extender

Both models either Asus or Netgear are not featuring Beamforming technology, but TP-link RE580D is. A feature that sending beam to individual clients strongly and solidly while roaming within the home, only for client devices with Beamforming support. So far not many client devices are designed with Beamforming technology.


Generally with the wall-plug model of wireless range extender, no Ethernet port or USB port is available. However some wall-plug extender models come with one single Ethernet port.

Gigabit LAN ports

The good thing with the models is that both come with 5x gigabit Ethernet ports you can connect to local Ethernet-based devices such as Desktop computers, Smart-TV, game console and more to act as wireless clients to the router. You can also connect one of the LAN ports to the router and configure the Asus RP-AC68 or EX7000 as the wireless AP when you have not wifi network in place.

USB Port

Connecting the Super speed USB 3.0 storage is easier like ever before when wireless routers or extenders devices were not featuring USB 3.0 ports for sharing storage. Both Asus RP-AC68U and Netgear EX7000 as well as TP-link RE580D come with Super speed USB 3.0 port to allow you transfer bulk of large amount of data instantly with maximum data rate throughput.

With Asus RE-AC68U you can connect the USB storage and configure it as personal cloud with its Asus AiCloud free app for Android or iOS and allow you access the storage everywhere with your mobile devices. Netgear EX7000 doesn’t feature that, but when you connect your extender to Nighthawk router such as R7000 router you can connect the storage to the Netgear router and configure it for personal cloud with Netgear ReadyCloud feature. Make sure that your Netgear router is featuring ReadyCloud.

For more detail spec comparison, the following comparison table gives you more information and you see that both extender devices nearly have the same features. And the prices are not so far different around $160. Cheaper one is offered by TP-link RE580D, around $130.

 Table 1 Asus RP-AC68U Vs R7000
  Asus RP-AC68U Netgear EX7000
Wifi technology Wireless AC1900 with Asus ExpressWay and Roaming Assist features Wireless AC1900 with FastLane technology performance improvements

700mW High power amplifiers

Speeds Dual band 1300Mbps + 600Mbps Dual band 1300Mbps + 600Mbps
Antennas 4x Internal antennas 3x external antennas
Beamforming No No
Range Unspecified Up to 10.000 sq. ft.
Ethernet Ports 5x Gigabit Ethernet Ports 5x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
USB Ports 1x USB 3.0 port for AiCloud support and fast NAS 1x USB 3.0 port
WPS button Yes Yes
Processor 1GHz dual core processor 1GHz dual core processor
Operation modes Range extender mode

Access point mode

Media bridge mode

Range extender mode

Access point mode


Price $ 169.00 $122.99


Which one is suitable to your need?

  1. Click here for spec details Asus RP-68U and current price
  2. Click here for spec details Netgear EX7000 and current price
  3. Click here for spec details TP-link RE580D and current price

Should you upgrade your aging router instead of adding wireless range extender, you might like to consider the new mesh home wifi system such as Google wifi system or Luma wifi system. Click here for new Google mesh wifi system and click here for Luma mesh wifi system with integrated cyber protection system.


Asus RP-AC68U and Netgear EX7000 are featuring the same for extending your existing wireless network for longer distance coverage, with the addition of 5 Gigabit LAN ports you can connect to Ethernet-based devices as wireless clients. Asus RP-AC68U with AiCloud is beneficial to allow you configure the attached USB drive as the personal cloud accessible everywhere with your mobile devices.
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Please note that Netgear introduces new Netgear EX7500 Nighthawk X4s mest extender

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