Asus PCE-AC66 High Speed Wireless AC PCI Adapter

Best in class wireless AC PCI express adapter available in the market – Asus PCE-AC66, selectable dual band up to 1300Mbps.


Probably you are familiar with wireless ac router that can achieve the wifi speeds that rival wired gigabit speeds, i.e. up to 1300Mbps. Or perhaps you’ve already replaced your old router with the wireless router that is based on the fifth generation (5G) of wifi technology namely Asus RT-AC68 wireless ac router or Linksys EA6900 wireless ac cloud router. The wifi speeds up to 1300Mbps is a great achievement in wifi technology, though these are theoretical speeds and in reality impossible to achieve the speeds as it is written in the factory spec.

High speed adapter

With high speed wireless ac-based network, of course, you also need to use a wireless ac-based adapter so the available high bandwidth can be utilized optimally. And with the available high bandwidth, you can add more wifi devices to share the bandwidth. Remember that you share the bandwidth with all the connected wifi-devices. The more devices connect, the less bandwidth is used by each of the devices concurrently.

There are several types of wireless ac adapter on the market including wireless USB adapter or wireless PCI express adapter. You can also find wireless ac-based bridge in the market such as Buffalo wireless gigabit bridge or Linksys WMUC710 wireless ac connectors.

Asus PCE-AC66

Do you have desktop with PCI Express slots? Almost all latest models of desktop computer come with PCI express slots such as Dell Optiplex 900 series. And probably your desktop at home is also equipped with a PCI express slot. If so, surely it could join the high-speed wireless ac-based network by adding Asus PCE-AC66 wireless ac PCI express adapter.

 What this product does

As well as wireless PCI adapter, you need to open the computer case to be able to insert this adapter into the PCI Express slot. Asus PCE-AC66 comes with three external antennas that can be removed and also comes with a flexible mounting external antenna that can be placed on a higher place in order to get a better signal reception.

Asus PCE ACE66 with stand

Main features

  • Based on 5G wifi technology
  • Selectable dual band with speeds of up to 1300Mbps
  • Include flexible extended antenna stand for best signal reception
  • High power design for long distance coverage
  • Includes aluminum heat sink in order to absorb the heat so that the more stable operation

Asus PCE-ACE66 PCI adapter
Asus PCE-AC66 Wireless AC PCI Express Adapter is ideal to support your HD multimedia environment. Why don’t you just try this adapter for your desktop, check here to see the PCE-AC66 price and reviews?

Asus has also released several models of wireless adapter with a unique design. Call it the Asus USB-N66. If you look at this product the model is very unique, it reminds me like a tent for camping in miniature model.

The model with the same design is also offered by Asus the wireless bridge EA-N66R which can also function as a range extender.

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