Asus Lyra Trio vs Netgear Orbi Mesh Wifi System

Asus and Netgear are two of the major vendors in electronic technology. Asus manufactures all kinds of electronic devices including computers, laptops, smart phones and network devices. While netgear focus on network technology specifically. This time we will discuss the mesh wifi system products from Asus and Netgear, asus lyra trio vs netgear orbi.

First of all, we discuss each of Asus and Netgear products  before comparing them in the next paragraph.

Asus lyra trio

Asus Lyra Trio is arguably a replacement for the first-generation Asus Lyra which might be considered a failure on the market. For this reason, Asus is no longer displaying the first generation of Asus Lyra product and replacing them with Lyra Trio.

Asus Lyra Trio – 3 sets

Antenna Design

At first glance, the appearance of asus lyra trio is different from the wifi mesh products in the market, especially from the antenna design that is shaped like a pyramid. Although the antenna design with this pyramid model is claimed to be very effective in giving a horizontal direction signal as strong as a vertical signal to ensure that the signal can penetrate from every corner of your home from the base to your attic.

With the support of 3×3 MIMO antenna technology, the trio adds signal strength to accommodate large numbers of clients for both high-bandwidth online gaming and video streaming needs.

High speed

Asus Lyra Trio is designed with dual band WiFi technology with a total bandwidth of up to 1750Mbps. Unlike its predecessor the first generation of Asus Lyra which was designed with three bands, where one 5GHz band is used as a dedicated backhaul for links between nodes. Lyra trio does not use backhaul, but there is a wired backhaul option if you want to get a solid quality backhaul link by using an Ethernet connection between lyra trio nodes. Comparison asus lyra trio vs netgear orbi you can find that orbi is three band model.

AiMesh matched

In addition to the mesh wifi system, Asus also produces the Aimesh WiFi router series which, when combined with lyra trio, can also form a whole home network where all Aimesh router features can also be available throughout your whole home WiFi network. These include the Asus rt-ax88u wifi6 ax6000 router or the latest model asus rog gt-ax11000 wifi6 gaming router. If you combine one of the last two products with Asus lyra trio, the signal strength of your WiFi will be evenly distributed throughout the corners of your home.

So at a glance the Asus Lyra Trio can be summarized as follows:

  • Mesh wifi simultaneous dual band ac1750 system
  • Wifi speeds of up to 1300Mbps @5Ghz band plus 400Mbps @2.4Ghz band
  • Up to 1,800 sq ft each unit
  • 3pcs external antenna with unique pyramid antenna design
  • Optional wired backhaul link with Ethernet ports
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports WAN/LAN
  • AiProtection classic powered by Trend Micro for network protection
  • Can be combined with AiMesh compatible Asus wifi routers to form whole home system

Besides that Asus also released Asus Lyra voice as a mesh wifi router with two speakers with Alexa support.

How does asus lyra trio vs netgear orbi compare? Firstly, we need to discuss briefly netgear orbi products, making it easier for us to compare these two product models.

Netgear Orbi

Technically there are three orbi models released by Netgear namely:

  • Netgear orbi router (rbr20 or cbr40 cable router)
  • orbi satellite (Orbi ac3000, Orbi ac2200, Orbi voice)
  • Netgear orbi wall plug

And there is still an orbi outdoor satellite that you can combine with the orbi router and other satellite orbi.

Orbi router

Currently products displayed on the netgear website is the Orbi rbr20 router even though there is actually still an orbi rbr50 model that has been deemed no longer be manufactured and replaced by this rbr20.

To form a wifi mesh network system from netgear you need Orbi rbr20 as a mesh wifi router, and if coverage is lacking then you need to add one or more orbi satellites either rbs50, rbs40 or orbi wall plug model. Or if you need a smart-home environment then you need to add an Orbi voice that comes with built-in Alexa device as voice control.

Orbi rbr20 uses three band wifi technology with a total speed of up to 2200Mbps consisting of band 1 speed up to 400Mbps @ 2.4Ghz, band 2 speed up to 867Mbps @ 5Ghz band and one more band as backhaul link @ 5Ghz band.

Briefly, the features of Orbi rbr20 are as follows

  • AC2200 Three band simultaneous
  • Wifi speeds of up to 867Mbps @5ghz 1, 867Mbps @5ghz plus 400Mbps @2.4Ghz band
  • One of the two 5Ghz band is used as dedicated backhaul link
  • Coverage up to 2,000 sq ft

For those of you who don’t want to bother with clutter devices, you can use the orbi cable router (Orbi CBK40) which is a combination of the orbi mesh wifi router with built-in high speed of DOCSIS 3.0  cable modem.

On asus lyra trio vs netgear orbi, no satellite with lyra but with Orbi you need orbi router and satellite for larger coverage.  

Orbi satellite

We focus only on the orbi rbr20 router as an initial base to build a mesh wifi network at home using orbi netgear products. For a wider range you need to add one or more orbi satellites or orbi voice. Netgear currently recommends using the orbi satellite displayed on the netgear website, namely Orbi rbs40, rbs50 and orbi voice and outdoor versions.

Orbi rbs40

Orbi rbs40 is one of the Orbi satellites based on ac2200 three bands where one of the 5 GHz bands is used as a dedicated backhaul link between orbi, so the remaining two other bands are specifically for the needs of clients.

  • Orbi satellite AC2200 based on simultaneous three band design
  • wifi speeds of up 400Mbps @2.4Ghz + 867Mbps @5Ghz-1 + 867Mbps @5Ghz-2
  • one of 5Ghz band is used as dedicated backhaul @867Mbp
  • Coverage up to 2,000 sq ft
  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports

If you need an additional coverage of up to 4,000 sq ft then you can add two Orbi rbs40 satellites to the Orbi rbr20 router so that technically your wifi mesh network is up to 6,000 sq ft (one router + two rbs40 satellites).

Orbi rbs50

The Orbi rbs50 satellite series can provide a 25% wider range compared to the Orbi rbs40 satellite, which is around 2,500 sq ft. All Orbi products, router and satellite are based on three bands and one of the 5GHz bands is used as dedicated backhaul.

  • Orbi satellite with simultaneous three band with ac3000 design
  • wifi speeds of up to 400Mbps @2.4Ghz + 866Mbps @5Ghz-1 + 1733Mbps @5Ghz-2
  • One dedicated band @5Ghz 1733Mbps used as dedicated backhaul link between orbi devices
  • Coverage up to 2,500 sq ft
  • 4x Gigabit LAN ports

Just like Asus lyra trio, Orbi is also modular you need to add orbi satellite as needed.

Orbi wall plug rbw30

Orbi wall plug model is very compact, does not take up much of your space, just plug it into a power outlet where you need a wider wifi coverage then it can work. However, you can no longer use the power outlet for other needs unless a power extension is added.

  • Orbi satellite wall plug model with simultaneous three band ac2200 design
  • wifi speeds of up to 400Mbps @2.4Ghz + 866Mbps @5Ghz-1 + 866Mbps @5Ghz-2
  • One dedicated band @5Ghz 866Mbps used as dedicated backhaul link between orbi devices
  • Coverage up to 1,500 sq ft
  • Ethernet port: N/A

Unlike orbi, Asus Lyra does not have a wall-plug model satellite like this Orbi rbw30. But with asus lyra, you can join to other AiMesh compatible router to form a whole home system.

Now it’s time to compare asus lyra trio vs netgear orbi.

 Asus Lyra Trio vs Orbi

Now you have an overview of Asus lyra trio mesh products and Netgear Orbi mesh products, making it easier for you to establish a WiFi mesh network system based on either Lyra Trio or Orbi.

Netgear Orbi RBK23W – RBR20 plus 2x RBW30

So how does asus lyra trio vs orbi compare? Asus has only one model the Asus lyra trio, on the other hand with Orbi you have to choose the router and satellite configuration. For this time we choose the asus lyra trio three sets compared with combination of an Orbi router rbr20 plus two orbi rbw30 wall plugs model.

As a reference, take a look at table 1, spec comparison table between lyra trio and orbi.

Table 1 Asus Lyra Trio vs Orbi

Mesh kit Asus Lyra Trio (3-set) Orbi rbk23w (1 router + 2 rbw30)
Units 3x Asus Lyra Trio 1x unit Orbi rbr20 + 2x Orbi rbs30
Wifi system Dual band simultaneous 3x AC1750 (aggregate 5,200Mbps) Three band simultaneous 3x ac2200 (aggregated 6,600Mbps)
Coverage technically Up to 5,400 sq ft (each unit up to 1,800 sq ft) Up to 5,000 sq ft (2,000 sq ft router + 2x 1,500 sq ft for each wall plug satellite)
Ethernet Ports 6x Gigabit Ethernet port (2 port each unit) 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports on orbi router, no LAN port on wall plug satellite
Protection AiProtection classic – free lifetime subscription power by Trend Micro   Netgear Armor by Bitdefender
Alexa support Yes Yes
Price $248.99 $299.99


You could say for the aggregate bandwidth of the two wifi mesh combinations is almost the same. However, Asus Lyra does not use one of the bands as a dedicated backhaul as in Orbi. There are always advantages and disadvantages in the shared bandwidth model on Asus and dedicated bandwidth for backhaul links on Orbi.

At high load if there is no link priority mechanism in communication between Asus Lyra, bottlenecks can occur which result in latency. On the other hand, one bandwidth must be dedicated for backhaul between Orbi link, so there are only two bands for clients.

Port availability

If you need several devices with an Ethernet connection, then in this Orbi configuration you only have one Ethernet port left unless you add a separate Ethernet switch. On Asus you still have five remaining Ethernet ports, each lyra unit has two available Ethernet ports except the router unit that connect to the modem.   

What next

Now you have a better knowledge for asus lyra trio vs netgear orbi comparison, and which one is suitable to meet your needs, of course you need to hear from those who have used the product before. You’ll know that the customer rating of Asus Lyra Trio is also not far from its predecessor. Click on the following product link for more details including the latest rating and price on Amazon.

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