Asus Lyra Home Wifi System

Finally Asus loyal users get what they hope Asus will introduce in the emerging of mesh home wifi system as replacement of traditional wireless router and wireless range extender, Asus Lyra mesh home wifi system.

NOTE: Asus release newer model of asus lyra – the Asus Lyra Trio. Click here for Asus lyra trio vs Orbi by Netgear.

Eero is the first product introduced into the market with mesh technology to replace wifi router and its extender, and then followed by Orbi, Luma, Linksys Velop, TP-link Deco, and D-link with Covr mesh wifi system and Asus with Lyra home wifi system.

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What this product does

Like other similar mesh home wifi system, Asus Lyra creates a single network name (SSID) so you can roam within the network coverage seamlessly using mobile devices. No more disconnection to jump from one network name to another, smooth connection every corner  to corner within the house with solid signal.

Three band

Various models of three band mesh wifi system you can find in the market today such as new introduction of eero pro wifi system, tower model Linksys Velop three band wifi system, or Orbi with wall plug model and still more. Asus Lyra is the first mesh wifi system introduced by Asus in addition of cutting edge Asus wireless routers such as Asus RT-AC5300 router.

Each unit of Asus Lyra uses three separate frequency band and one band is specifically used as backhaul to communicate with other unit while the other two frequency bands are free and are used to connect to all devices for fast and reliable connections. Each unit is embedded with four integrated smart antennas.

High speed

Asus Lyra is built with three separate bands, 2x @5Ghz band with speeds of up to 867Mbps and 1x @2.4Ghz band speed up to 400Mbps. You can find the same speeds as Lyra including Linksys Velop three band wifi system and Netgear Orbi with wall plug satellite.

Lyra comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one port is for WAN connects to modem such as Netgear CM700 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem or the newest model is Netgar CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem. Only one Lyra connects to the internet modem while the other two units work like its satellite. Unlike Lyra which comes with only two Ethernet ports, Orbi comes with four Gigabit ports.

asus lyra mesh wifi system
Asus Lyra three band mesh home wifi system

Asus Air Protection

Unlike other competing products, Asus Lyra comes with built-in Asus AiProtection – a comprehensive threat protection for your home network powered by Trend Micro. This feature is also applied to Asus RT-AC5300 wireless router.

You may also consider Cujo firewall threat protection, however this product is an addition of wireless router you can connect to the network.

Asus Lyra with two Gigabit Ports

Asus Lyra app

Lyra offers you Lyra app to easily setup your devices, manage and diagnose the network. Easy to setup in three steps, just turn on first Lyra with modem connection and follow the Asus Lyra app to complete. Adding more add-on Lyra is also easy using the app.


  • Three band mesh wifi system with three hub for whole home coverage
  • High speeds of up to 2x 867Mbps @5Ghz and up to 400Mbps @2.4Ghz
  • Multi user MIMO, 2×2 each band
  • Built-in with smart internal antennas
  • Three-unit product fits to all home size coverage up to 6,000 sq ft
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet Ports (WAN and LAN)
  • Asus AiProtection – network internet threat protection powered by Trend Micro
  • Free Asus Lyra app for easy setup and network management, diagnostic problems notifications
  • Parental control

Asus Air Protection is a free service powered by Trend Micro, this is a plus feature offered by Asus when few models in the market are not equipped with threat protection. You can say eero plus is not free subscription for threat protection. The competing product is TP-link Deco M5 regarding network security protection which is also powered by Trend Micro, however Deco is a two band model.

To learn more details, manufacturer’s description and current price in Amazon click the link below:

Click here for Asus Lyra

Asus Lyra vs Velop

Wondering what spec comparison between Asus Lyra and Linksys Velop? Take a look at the following spec comparison table.

More economical

See that nearly similar. Asus Lyra with three packs cover up to 6,000 sq ft while Linksys Velop with two packs covers up to 4,000 sq ft, up to the same 6,000 sq ft coverage for three packs Velop. Regarding coverage Asus Lyra offers cheaper price than Velop with three pack for the same coverage.

Security protection

Asus Lyra is more beneficial than Linksys Velop knowing that Lyra offers free subscription of Air Protection – internet threat protection powered by Trend Micro. And the good thing is that Lyra app gives you automatic update status and notifications.

So far Asus Lyra doesn’t specify more details what types of processor embedded to each unit except Qualcom quad core. Is it the same processor like Velop, eero pro and Orbi?

Comparison table

Table 1 Asus Lyra vs Linksys Velop

ModelAsus LyraLinksys Velop
Wifi technology3 band (2.4Ghz; 5.0Ghz; 5.0Ghz) with AC2200 technology3 band (2.4Ghz; 5.2Ghz; 5.8Ghz) with AC2200 technology and load balance
Wifi speedsAC3000 (867Mbps @5Ghz + 867Mbps @5Ghz + 400Mbps @2.4Ghz)AC3000 (867Mbps @5Ghz + 867Mbps @5Ghz + 400Mbps @2.4Ghz)
MU-MIMOYes, 2×2 MIMO each bandYes, both each band
Antenna7x internal antennas


Four integrated smart antennas for best connection inter-hub

6x internal antennas and high powered amplifiers
Coverage each unit2,000 sq ft2,000 sq ft
Ethernet Ports2x Gigabit ports2x Gigabit ports
USB portsN/AN/A
BluetoothN/AYes, BLE 4.0
Auto updateYesNo
Internet protectionFree Air Protection powered by Trend MicroN/A
AppsASUS Lyra app enables PC-free setup, network management and diagnostics, and notifies you about any problemsLinksys app for quick setup, manage parental control, guest network, auto-fix node
Works with AlexaNoYes
ProcessorQualcom quad core716Mhz quad core processor with 4GB flash and 512 MB RAM
Price$288.99 / 3 pack$329.00 / 2 pack

To learn more detail Linksys Velop, click the link below:

Click here for Linksys Velop, current price and buy in Amazon

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Note that Asus introduces new model of Lyra – Asus lyra trio, click here the Asus Lyra Trio mesh wifi router vs linksys velop.

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