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Asus CMAX6000 Cable Modem Router vs Netgear CAX80 vs Motorola Mg8702

One of cable modem wifi 6 router offered by Asus is Asus cmax6000 cable modem wifi 6 router. Can this product outperform most popular Netgear cax80 and Motorola mg8702?

Asus CMAX6000

Asus has released various models of wifi-6 routers ranging from ax1500 network segment, few models of Asus ax6000 router including Asus rt-ax88u and Asus rt-ax89u, up to the highest speed in the ax11000 network segment which is represented by two flagship products: the Asus rog rapture gt-ax11000 and the last one is Asus rog rapture gt-axe11000 gaming router. The last two products look the same, they don’t.

The Asus gt-ax11000 is three simultaneous radio bands, one 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz radio bands. In contrast with gt-ax11000, the new Asus rog rapture gt-axe11000 is simultaneous three distinct radio bands with the addition of latency free 6GHz radio band.

Today, you can find another series of ax6000 product offered by Asus – the Asus cmax6000 cable modem wifi-6 router combo.

Asus cmax6000 cable modem router combo
Asus cmax6000 cable modem router combo

Cable Modem Router Combo

For most people who don’t want to be complicated with the installation of wifi network at home, the all-in-one cable modem router combo is an option. With the integration of latest wifi-6 router and a cable modem, so that there is only one compact device replacing the cable modem and wifi router. Asus cmax6000 is one of all-in-one cable modem wifi 6 routers available in the market today.  

Can this product compete with Netgear cax80 which is popular in the market so far together with Arris sbg8300, and also Motorola Mg8702?


This Asus cable modem router combo combines dual band wifi6 ax6000 router with DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem, faster version of previous DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Should you require internet speed up to 1Gbps from your Internet provider, assure that you invest DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem. 

Which ISPs support DOCSIS.3.1 cable infrastructure? You need to advice your ISP if it supports Docsis 3.1 and you can find that Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Cable One, and Mediacom support docsis 3.1 cable infrastructure.


Asus designed this product based on ax6000 wifi-6 technology. This ax6000 network segment is widely applied by several vendors on their debut in wifi-6 router products such as the Asus rt-ax88u, Netgear rax80, and Archer ax6000.

The question is, are there many wifi-6 adapters on the market? Asus has released the Asus pce-ax58t and pce-ax3000, while TP-link has also released the Archer tx3000e adapters. Both are dual band PCI-e adapters with 2×2 MU-MIMO support. It should be noted that today Wi-Fi 6e technology has emerged which uses an additional 6GHz band in addition to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, you can find Asus Rog Rapture gt-axe11000 and Netgear axe11000 are based on this wifi 6e technology.

Therefore, instead of investing dual band wifi-6 pcie adapter, it’s more advantage of investing wifi-6e adapters that can support either wifi-6 routers or wifi 6e adapters. See also few models of wifi 6e pcie adapters.

Asus CMAX6000cable modem router combo is ideal all-in-one product for small to medium sized homes combining high speed Docsis 3.1 cable modem and wifi-6 router. 


  • All-in-one dual band ax6000 wifi-6 router with built-in DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem
  • Wifi signal speed up to 4.8Gbps @5GHz 4×4 MU-MIMO and up to 1.2Gbps @2.4GHz 4×4 MU-MIMO, support 160MHz channel and 1025-QAM support
  • CableLabs, Comcast and Charter certified
  • Comes with 4x Gigabit LAN ports for wired Ethernet-based devices
  • Stylist model with fan-less cooling system for noiseless room


  • No USB port for storage
  • Doesn’t support Asus AiMesh technology for whole home mesh system

This product is tagged with the price around $349.99 in Amazon. Click the following product link to shop the product in Amazon (#ads).

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How does this Asus cmax6000 cable modem router combo compete with Nighthawk Netgear cax80 and Motorola MG8702? See also Orbi cbr750 vs Surfboard sbg8300.

Asus Cmax6000 vs Netgear cax80 vs Motorola mg8702

Competitor product in this class is Nighthawk Netgear cax80 which is offered at almost the same price. For other product with cheaper budget you may consider lower model offered by Motorola (mg8702). Please refer to the following two comparison tables below.

Netgear Nighthawk cax80
Netgear Nighthawk cax80


All the three products here come with built-in DOCIS 3.1 cable modem; however the wifi technology is different. Both Asus cmax6000 and Netgear cax80 are designed with the same ax6000 network segment, but Motorola with lower budget is designed with AC3200 wifi-5 technology.

Ethernet Ports

All the three products come with 4x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. However, if you need a LAN port up to 2.5Gbps, netgear cax80 has the advantage with the addition of this 2.5gbps port. What is this port for? If you need very fast data transfer between router and NAS, cax80 is your choice. Many high speed NAS products are equipped with this 2.5gbps port such as the Asustor Lockerstor 2 as66002t.

Or if you require high speed file transfer between your computers / laptop with the router, you can add USB adapter to Ethernet that support up to 2.5Gbps such as Sabrent USB type-a/c to 2.5gbps Ethernet adapter.

USB port

Asus cmax6000 doesn’t come with USB port, but netgear cax80 and Motorola mg8702 do with USB 3.0. What this USB port for? Generally the USB port is used to share USB-compliant external flash and hard drives.

How to access the shared USB disk drives? With Netgear cax80 you access from your windows by Start > Run and type \\readyshare and click OK.

Read more detail table 1 below that represents spec comparison table between Asus cmax6000 and Nighthawk cax80.

Table 1 Asus cmax6000 vs Netgear cax80

Gateway modelAsus Cmax6000 cable modemNighthawk CAX80
Wifi routerSimultaneous dual band ax6000 wifi 6 technology  with 8-streamsSimultaneous dual band ax6000 wifi 6 technology  with 8-streams
Wifi signal speedUp to 1.2Gbps @2.4GHz with 4×4 MU-MIMO Up to 4.8Gbps @5GHz with 4×4 MU-MIMO Supports 1024-QAM; 160MHzSupports wifi ax, 1024-QAM, 160MHz Up to 1.2Gbps @2.4GHz with 4×4 Up to 4.8Gbps @5GHz with 4×4  
Antennas4x internal antennasInternal antennas
Ethernet ports4x 1.0Gbps Ethernet LAN portsFour (4) Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port Aggregation  One (1) 2.5Gbps Ethernet Port
USB PortsN/A1x USB 3.0 for storage
Built-in modem2 x 2 CableLabs® DOCSIS® 3.1 certifiedDOCSIS 3.1 with OFDM 2×2+ 32×8 channel bonding
ProcessorUnspecified processor, memory: 512MB flash, 1GB RAMDual core 1.5GHz processor
Price (Aug 2021 in Amazon)$349.99$429.99

Table 2 below shows spec comparison table between Asus cmax6000 and Motorola mg8702. The main difference between the two models is the wifi technology applied to each of the model, ax6000 wifi-6 vs ac3200 wifi-5.

Motorola mg8702
Motorola mg8702

Table 2 Asus Cmax6000 vs Motorola

Gateway modelAsus Cmax6000 cable modemMotorola MG8702
Wifi routerSimultaneous dual band ax6000 wifi 6 technology  with 8-streamsSimultaneous dual band ac3200 with 4×4 MU-MIMO
Wifi signal speedUp to 1.2Gbps @2.4GHz with 4×4 MU-MIMO Up to 4.8Gbps @5GHz with 4×4 MU-MIMO Supports 1024-QAM; 160MHz1,000Mbps @2.4GHz with 1024-QAM 4×4 2,200Mbps @5GHz 11ac 4×4
Antennas4x internal antennasInternal antennas
Ethernet ports4x 1.0Gbps Ethernet LAN ports4x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
USB PortsN/AUSB 3.0 Port with DLNA
Built-in modem2 x 2 CableLabs® DOCSIS® 3.1 certified2×2 OFDM DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem 3.7Gbps downstream / 800Mbps upstream and compatible with DOCSIS 3.0; 2.0
ProcessorUnspecified processor, memory: 512MB flash, 1GB RAMUnknown
Price (Aug 2021 in Amazon)$349.99$269.99

Now you need to decide which one is suitable to meet your home need, Asus without USB port. Or you may like Netgear cax80 with 2.5Gbps Ethernet port and USB port, or Motorola with wifi-5 ac3200 with lower budget.

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