Asus AC68U Vs Linksys EA6900

Which one gives you more values between Asus RT-AC68U and Linksys EA6900 wireless ac 1900 routers?

High end routers

Asus router products become so popular today and most of them become best seller in some online retailers. You can mention RT-N66U which becomes best sellers #1 in Amazon for long period of time with average customer ratings of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Each of new introduction of flagship product, it becomes so popular with high rated customer reviews.


In high end class router category, the fastest wireless router ever introduced so far that comes with wireless ac1900 technology, Asus offers RT-AC68U which also becomes one of most wanted router in its class. There are view routers in wireless ac1900 category including Netgear R7000, Belkin AC1800 and Linksys EA6900.

AC68U Vs Ea6900

Being in the same wireless ac1900 router category, actually there are couples of differences you may consider to choose to meet your business need. Even though there are many general feature similarities between the two routers, in the real world they might perform differently. Please refer to the comparison table below for spec differences (if any). At the end of the article you can click the spec detail links each of the products and pricing.

You may have a look at the new Asus RT-AC3200 router here.

Wifi technology

As noted above that both routers fall in the wireless AC1900 router category, this wifi technology can deliver theoretical speeds of up to 1300Mbps (in 5GHz band) and up to 600Mbps (in 2.4GHz band) for total bandwidth up to 1900Mbps. The wired speeds in the past now come in wifi.

With the 3x external antennas equipment in each of the router, the performance of wifi becomes solid and wider range to cover with beamforming technology. Most recent high performance routers come with beamforming technology that broadcast to all directions and focus to the connected devices solidly.

Linksys Wireless AC1900 router

Linksys Wireless AC1900 router

Port interfaces

Gigabit switch embedded in most high end routers is a must in today’s home networking since all brand new desktops, laptops and even all-in-one computers come with gigabit NIC adapter. Even though your existing computers are still old-fashion with 10/100Mbps NIC adapters, they still connect to the router but with limited speeds up to 10/100Mbps. Later when you upgrade your computers with Gigabit NIC, they can connect optimally with gigabit data rate throughput to either Asus AC68U or Linksys EA6900.

Asus RT-AC68U

Asus RT-AC68U

Both routers come with the same twin USB ports, one port with USB 2.0 and the other is USB 3.0 which is 10x faster than USB 2.0. you can share your printer by attaching it to the USB 2.0 port, while the other port you can connect to high speed USB 3.0 disk storage such as WD My Passport USB 3.0 disk storage. Basically any types of disk storage including thumb drive or a high-capacity external drive are supported to the port.

3G share

One main difference between the two routers with regards to USB port is that Asus AC68U supports 3G/4G share but Linksys 6900 doesn’t. 3G share is a beneficial when you don’t have wired internet services (Cable or DSL), or you can use this router for creating wifi access in outdoor situations. Which USB modems to support? Have the following list for compatibility

Check the video below to watch the 3G share in Asus (Courtesy by Asus and Youtube)

Guest network

The other main difference between the two is guest network feature. Unlike Linksys, AC68U allows you create up to three guest network each band with different security settings, intranet access, and time schedule. In some cases, multiple SSIDs is essential for security reasons for different groups of users to access the network.


Linksys with Smart Wifi apps allows you manage your home network via your smart-devices anywhere. On the other hand, with Asus AC68U you can download AiCloud apps to your mobile devices and allows you manage your cloud stuffs including Cloud Disk to allow you access your connected disk, Smart Access to allow you manage users access setting, and Smart Sync.

Asus RT-AC68U Linksys EA6900
Wifi technology Wireless 802.11ac – AC1900 speeds of up to 600+1300 Mbps each band Wireless 802.11ac – AC1900 speeds of up to 600+1300 Mbps each band
Antennas 3x detachable External antennas – exclusive Asus AiRadar with Beamforming technology 3x adjustable external antennas with beam-Forming technology
Ethernet ports 4xGigabit LAN and 1xGigabit WAN ports 4xGigabit LAN and 1xGigabit WAN ports
USB port 1xUSB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0 ports both in rear panel

Supports storage, Windows multifunction printer,

DLNA media server

1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0 both are in rear panel

Supports DLNA certified media server

Share printer and storage

3G/4G Share Yes No
Cloud Asus AiCloud services with apps you can download to your mobile devices. Linksys Smart Wifi apps for remote home network management
IPv6 ready Yes Yes
Guest network 2.4GHz guest network x 3, 5GHz guest network x 3 Yes – allow limitation devices to connect
Hardware Performance Dual core processor 800Mhz, memory: 128MB flash and 256MB RAM Dual core 800MHz processor with 256MB RAM and 128MB Flash
Management Latest Asuswrt software interface for fast and easy network setup Linksys smart wifi software and apps accessible via mobile devices
Customer ratings (up to dec 2013 in Amazon) 4.1 out of 5 stars 3.6 out of 5 stars
Price $148.00 $129.99

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Even though both routers come with the same wireless ac1900 technology and with 3x external beamforming antenna, there are some feature differences. Asus RT-AC68U comes with more features including 3G/4G share, multiple SSIDs and Cloud stuffs. Moreover, Asus receives higher rated in Amazon but price is still expensive.

  1. Learn more spec details Asus AC68U and see how the reviews in Amazon
  2. Learn more spec details Linksys EA6900 and shop in Amazon

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