Asus AC66 Vs Netgear R6300v2

Asus offers two similar RT-AC66R and RT-AC66U dual band wireless ac gigabit router, but with slightly different features. How it it compared with Netgear R6300 v2?

Asus RT-AC66

Broadcom chip with 5G wireless technology is widely deployed on most wireless routers today. The competition between wireless AC routers is very tight, most manufacturers offer richer features to win the competition. What does Asus RT-AC66 do? See also comparison between AC66U Vs Netgear R7000.

3G/4G supports

Following its success in the market with RT-N56U N600 and RT-N66U N900 wireless dual band routers, Asus offers two similar products RT-AC66R and RT-AC66U wireless ac based routers. Both routers are similar and they support 3G/4G share.

What are the differences between the two versions? Have a look the table 1 below, the main differences are about the VPN features. Asus AC66U supports Open VPN server and client, and also it supports PPTP and L2TP server and clients but AC66R doesn’t.

What is OpenVPN? Quoted from Wiki, it’s an open source software application that implements virtual private network techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities using SSL/TLS security protocol for key exchange.

AC66U Vs AC66R

VPN SupportIPSec Pass-Throuth
PPTP Pass-Through
L2TP Pass-Through
PPTP server
OpenVPN server
PPTP client
L2TP client
OpenVPN client
IPSec Pass-Throuth
PPTP Pass-Through
L2TP Pass-Through
PPTP server
Asus RT-AC66U

Comparison with Netgear R6300v2

How does this RT-N66 compare with Netgear R6300? Netgear R6300 v2 comes with USB 3.0 port, but the first version doesn’t.  Asus comes with two USB 2.0 ports only, but the newer version Asus RT-AC68U comes with USB 3.0 port.


Asus comes with three external high power antennas with AiRadar for better range and solid connection. Netgear comes with 6x antenna arrays internal with beamforming technology.

USB ports

Both routers come with two USB ports, but Netgear comes with USB 3.0 port (1x) for 10x faster speed than USB 2.0 port. What makes Asus different is the capability to share the 3G/4G network via USB modem. This is beneficial when your broadband service is not available, you can share cellular services with other wifi clients around the coverage using this router.

Asus with USB 3.0 port is now equipped in RT-AC68U. See also comparison AC68U Vs R7000.

Multiple Guest networks

Asus RT-AC66 comes with multiple guest networks; you can create up to 3 SSIDs each band for the total of 6 SSIDs both bands. You can configure different control and adjustment each SSID including time schedule and parental control. This is ideal for home with tight control for kids for safe internet experiences. In office, you can create special SSID for high security only personal such as Finance department. You can also define other special SSID for lower security segment such as customer service.

Asus RT-AC66U back panel


Spec comparison table

 Asus RT-AC66UNetgear R6300 V2
Wifi technologyAC1750 Wi-Fi – 450+1300 Mbps speeds simultaneous dual band



AC1750 Wi-Fi – 450+1300 Mbps speeds simultaneous dual band



Antennas3xdetachable high power external antennas with AiRadar Asus technologyInternal antennas (Tx/Rx) – 3×3 (2.4GHz) + 3×3 (5GHz) with beamforming technology and with high-powered radio amplifiers



Ethernet PortsAutosensing Gigabit ports 4xLAN and 1xWANAutosensing Gigabit ports 4xLAN and 1xWAN
USB ports2x USB 2.0 ports supports:


–          DLNA media server

–          FTP server Samba and UPnP server

–          Share storage and printer

–          3G/4G share

1x USB 3.0 rear panel + 1x  USB 2.0 on the right side



–          DLNA media server,

–          share storage and printer


Guest networkYes, 3x SSIDs each band and up to 8 users each SSIDYes, guest each band
IPv6 readyYesYes
On Off buttonsPower on-off buttonWifi and Power on-off buttons
PerformanceDual core 600MHz processor with 256MB RAM and 128MB FlashDual core processor 800MHz with Memory: 128 MB flash and 256 MB RAM
VPN supportPPTP VPN server



Pass through only
ModesSupports as wireless router, AP, media bridge and WDS bridging/repeatingRouter and media bridge
Cloud ReadyAiCloud – unified app for iOS and Android devices, supports Windows, Mac, Linux – all accounts can sync with other AiCloud clients – accessible anywhere on the goN/A

The newest flagship Asus offers today is Asus RT-AC5300 three band router which delivers bandwidth up to 5300Mbps.

To have a more in depth insight about your Asus RT-AC66U you can watch this video:

Even though the router was not so good at the first release due to a faulty firmware, the new firmware update have fixed all the found issues. And this is the best router Asus ever released with excellent customer reviews.

Now which one you prefer to meet your business need?

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Cheers, KG

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