Arris Surfboard Max Pro AX11000 vs Orbi vs Zenwifi

Arris Surfboard Max Pro is one of Surfboard lines of wifi 6 product. It’s a mesh wifi AX11000-based whole home system. How good it is compared with Orbi RBK852 and Zenwifi xt8?

The fastest mesh wifi product

Arris claims that Surfboard Max Pro AX11000 is the first mesh wifi system product released based on ax11000 wifi-6 technology besides the previous version of the Surfboard AX7800. Until now Apr 2020 there is no mesh wifi system product with 12 streams ax11000 wifi-6 technology.

Arris Surfboard ax11000 mesh wifi system
Arris Surfboard ax11000 mesh wifi system

Up to 255 connected devices

With ax11000 technology you have a three band mesh wifi system with speeds up to 1,200Mbps @ 2.4GHz and up to 4,800Mbps @ 5GHz band-1, while one more band @ 5GHz 4,800Mbps is used as a dedicated backhaul link between nodes. And if you use the optional wired Ethernet backhaul, then you have 3 bands with a total of 11,000Mbps aggregated bandwidth for all connected clients.

With this wide bandwidth, Arris confidently specifies this product to be able to accommodate up to one subnet 255 ip nodes. Mostly all consumer wifi routers with the dhcp server feature allow to enable the configuration of dhcp server one subnet with the subnet mask, which means up to 255 ip addresses that can be leased or given up to 255 connected clients to your network both wired and wifi connected clients.


  • The fastest mesh wifi system with 12 streams of wifi 6 technology, up to 11,000 Mbps aggregated bandwidth each unit
  • Simultaneous tri-band AX11000 speeds up to 1,200Mbps @2.4GHz band and up to 4,800Mbps @5GHz band 1 and up to 4,800Mbps @5GHz band as dedicated backhaul link
  • Wired Ethernet backhaul link is optional to free up all the three bands for connected clients
  • 1x Multi Gigabit WAN (with link aggregation) + 3x Gigabit LAN ports, no USB port is available
  • Blanket your whole home with solid mesh wifi network from basement to attic
  • Dedicated backhaul link up to 4,800Mbps @5GHz and optional wired Ethernet backhaul is also available
  • Alexa support for voice control
  • Easy to setup with Surfboard Max manager app, allows you to manage network local or remotely with your iOS or Android mobile devices


  • No USB port is available

When compared with other products such as Orbi rbk852 or Asus Zenwifi where in some online stores are Tagged at almost the same price or more expensive than Arris Surfboard Max Pro, if you see a bandwidth spec that is twice as wide as Orbi of course you will consider to purchase this Arris surfboard Max Pro. See also affordable Orbi product – Orbi rbk10 AC1200 mesh wifi and also new model of mesh powerline – Deco P9 Powerline mesh wifi system.

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Arris Surfboard vs Orbi vs Zenwifi

Let’s look at the differences of these three products, Arris Surfboard ax11000 compared to Orbi and Zenwifi which are presented in the following two comparison tables below.

Orbi RBK852 wifi 6 mesh wifi
Orbi RBK852 wifi 6 mesh wifi

Table 1 shows you spec comparison between Arris Surfboard and Orbi wifi 6 mesh wifi system, while table 2 shows you spec comparison between Arris Surfboard vs Asus Zenwifi xt8 wifi6 mesh wifi system.


We have already discussed briefly above that the ax11000 technology is applied to this Arris Surfboard product, and you can easily compare it with Orbi rbk852 and Zenwifi xt8 which both are designed using ax6000 technology that is nearly half of the aggregated bandwidth applied to Arris.

Asus Zenwifi XT8
Asus Zenwifi XT8 wifi 6 mesh wifi

Likewise the bandwidth used for dedicated backhaul links between nodes is twice the bandwidth used by Orbi. On the other hand with Zenwifi, you can choose which @ 5GHz band you use as a dedicated backhaul link.

Table 1 Arris Surfboard vs Orbi

ModelArris Surfboard Max Pro (2-pack)Orbi RBK852 (2-pack)
Wifi technologySimultaneous tri-band AX11000 with 12 streams 4×4  MIMOSimultaneous tri-band AX6000
Wifi speeds1,200Mbps @2.4GHz band 4,800Mbps @5GHz band 4,800Mbps @5GHz backhaul link1,200Mbps @2.4GHz band 2,400Mbps @5GHz band 2,400Mbps @5GHz backhaul link
AntennasUnspecifiedEight (8) high performance internal antennas with high-powered amplifiers  
Coverage~ 6,000 sq ft~5,000 sq ft
Ethernet Ports1x Multi Gigabit WAN (with link aggregation) + 3x Gigabit LAN portsA 2.5 Gbps WAN port and 4 LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports  
ProcessorQuad core processor (No detail)Powerful Quad-Core 2.2 GHz processor with 512MB NAND Flash and 1GB RAM
Backhaul link4.8Gbps Dedicated backhaul @5GHz2.4Gbps dedicated backhaul link @5GHz
GeneralWorks with AlexaWorks with Alexa and Google assistant

Table 2 Arris Surfboard vs Asus Zenwifi

ModelArris Surfboard Max Pro (2-pack)Asus Zenwifi  XT8
Wifi technologySimultaneous tri-band AX11000 with 12 streams 4×4  MIMOTri-band mesh wifi 6 ax6600 Mbps with 12 steams
Wifi speeds1,200Mbps @2.4GHz band 4,800Mbps @5GHz band 4,800Mbps @5GHz backhaul link802.11ax: Up to 574 Mbps @2.4GHz up to 1201 Mbps @ 5GHZ-1 up to 4804 Mbps @ 5GHZ-2
AntennasUnspecified6x internal antennas
Coverage~ 6,000 sq ft~ 5,500 sq ft (2-pack)  / 2,750 sq ft / unit
Ethernet Ports1x Multi Gigabit WAN (with link aggregation) + 3x Gigabit LAN ports1x 2.5Gigabit for WAN, 3x Gigabits LAN ports
USB PortN/A1x USB 3.1 gen 1
ProcessorQuad core processor (No detail)1.5GHz quad core processor with 256MB Flash + 512 MB RAM
Backhaul link4.8Gbps Dedicated backhaul @5GHzYou can select which @5GHz band is used as backhaul link, optional wired Ethernet backhaul
GeneralWorks with AlexaFree Security Protection & Advanced Parental Controls powered by Trend Micro

By knowing the selling price that is almost the same each of the product, while the Arris Surfboard aggregated bandwidth is twice that of Orbi and Zenwifi many people certainly think of considering this product. How do customers respond to this product? Please click on each product below to learn more spec’s detail and link to Shop and read reviews on Amazon.

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