Apple TV Boxee and Roku Streaming

In connecting your HDTV with Ethernet enabled to the internet, you need such kind of Internet streaming adapters. The most popular ones in the market today are Apple TV, Roku and Boxee.


Currently there is a heap of entertainment media available online in the internet you can watch from your TV including movies, video clips, sports, photos, and TV shows. Normally you need to download them from the internet to your multimedia computer and stored the files  in the storage media and then you need to stream them to watch in your HDTV. However you can do that in a simple way by using such kind of wireless streaming adapters such as Apple TV, Roku and Boxee by D-Link.

Streaming media adapters

Apple TV, Roku, and Boxee are streaming media adapters you can install to stream multimedia from the internet and watch them direct to your HDTV in the comfort of your living room without the need of a computer to stream and no clutter of network cable.

Home wifi network

Streaming media from the internet to your home entertainment center requires a high performance wireless network environment. To capable of streaming HD media smoothly and fast, you need a high performance router as the heart of the network. The router should be based on the latest wireless N with simultaneous dual band technology  or the future of wifi technology (wireless ac).

You can install the streaming adapters as shown in the networking diagram where Apple TV, Roku or Boxee streaming adapters connect to your large HDTV and the D-link DIR-857 or Netgear WNDR4500 act as the heart of the network. Both routers are high performance routers which support simultaneous dual band with N750 wireless technology, meaning the router delivers the speeds of up to 450Mbps (for 5GHz band) and up to 300Mbps (for 2.4GHz band).

ntreaming network diagram

Various Streaming adapters

Some of popular wireless streaming adapters (including Apple TV, Roku and Boxee) are shown below with brief description and specs.

Apple TV

Apple TV is powered by A4 chip delivers the high speed of streaming smoothly, no frozen and clear. Apple TV allows you play rental HD movie and TV shows from internet to your large screen HDTV. You can also streams multimedia files from your computer to the HDTV.

Apple TV

Apple TV is embedded with the wireless 802.11n standards with dual band technology. With dual band support you can connect your Apple TV to any high performance router with dual band for optimum data throughput such as Apple Airport Extreme or Asus RT-N66U. Both routers are powered by wireless simultaneous dual band technology.

The Apple TV includes one 10/100Base-T Ethernet port for wired connection to the router Ethernet port. With your iTunes store account or Netflix account you can stream your favorite HD video from the internet to your multimedia computer.


Apple TV now comes in the fourth generation with much better technologies including:

  • Apple dual core A8 chip
  • Wireless AC network
  • Dolby digital Plus 7.1
  • Siri
  • App Store
  • Third party controller
  • Siri remote with dual microphone and dedicated button

The price is twice as much as the old generation.

Boxee Box by D-Link

Boxee by D-Link is easy to install into your home entertainment system, just plug the HDMI input from your HDTV to the Boxee to instantly connect the HDTV to the internet and ready for streaming thousands of TV shows, movies and other multimedia files to your TV. It supports the high resolution up to 1080p and Dolby Surround Sound.

D-link Boxee

Boxee by D-Link is equipped the following items: HDMI output, an optical digital audio connector, two USB port and SD card slot. It also includes one 802.11n wireless equipped Ethernet port.

Before buy this Boxee, try the software first. Download for free Boxzee account here and have a try in your computer and see the experience. When you’re ready to shift the Boxee experience from your PC to your HDTV, the Boxee Box by Dlink will automatically import your account – making your favorite TV shows, movies apps, and shortcuts instantly available.

Roku XDS

Unlike the previous series of Roku, this Roku XDS supports the latest 802.11n with dual band technology. With the dual band support, if your wireless environment supports dual band, you can select the 5GHz band for less interference and clean network for best performance in streaming the HD media to your HDTV. Connect the Roku XDS to the environment with high performance dual band routers such as Netgear 4500 wireless N900 router or Belkin N900 DB. Both routers are powered by wireless simultaneous dual band technology.

Roku XDS

With Roku XDS, you can play your favorite TV shows or any HD videos up to 1080p easily with only 5 minutes setup process in connecting to your HDTV to finally connect to the internet. Start downloading your favorite TV shows from Amazon Video On Demand (VOD), Netflix and more.

Roku is now coming with new model – The Roku 2 with faster processor

Netgear NTV550

NeoTV 550 is the ultimate High Definition media player you can use to stream various types of media format including HD video, Blu-Ray, music,  photo and more which are stored in your networking storage (including USB storage, eSATA drives and SD Card) to your HDTV. You can play all of those media files and stream them to the TV with the HD resolution up to 1080p and the stunning sound of Dolby Digital or DTS surround sounds.

Netgear Neo TV

it includes USB and eSATA ports you may connect to any types of USB drives and eSATA drives, and it also includes one SD Card slot for memory card connection, and connect to the TV using HDMI or analog TV.

Unlike the other three devices listed above which include Wi-Fi adapter, this NeoTV 550 includes only one Ethernet port for wired connection to your router or switch. Should you like to connect this NeoTV adapter to the network wirelessly, you may add an internet adapter such as Universal WNCE2001 internet adapter.

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