Amped UA600EX Wireless High Power Adapter

Amped UA600EX and TP-link WN7200ND are two wireless USB high power adapters you can use for long distance wifi connection.

Amped UA600EX

The design of this USB adapter is unlike most other USB adapters, it’s like a large white tower in miniature and looks elegant when placed on the wall or higher place. Unfortunately the USB extension cable is not white. This product is ideal for long range wifi network. For offices with large area the use of this adapter is good, or you may connect it to long distance wifi network.

Main features

  • Allows you connect computers to the wireless network from extreme distances
  • Includes high power 600mW amplifier and directional high gain antenna
  • Indoor or outdoor usages with weatherproof design
  • Ideal for use in industrial areas, marines works, and long distance places

Have you ever been in charge of networking infrastructure in industrial areas where many small offices exist in extreme distances while you have to connect each of the computers in those small offices to the main office? Running hundreds or thousands of meters length networking cables would not be possible and yet is very expensive with fiber optic. The easiest solution is using high power wireless USB adapters to connect to company’s Wifi network. You may consider Amped UA600EX high power USB adapter.

High power

The UA600EX Amped USB adapter is powered by wireless N technology with high power 600mW amplifier. Compared with standard wireless adapter which is powered by only 50mW, Amped UA600EX is more than 10 times as powerful as standard wireless adapter. And it is powered by high gain directional antenna – more powerful and focuses in one direction compared to standard Omni directional antennas which broadcast the signal in all directions. With directional antenna you can arrange the antenna to point to where the signal is coming from, more focus than Omni-directional antennas.

Amped high power adapter USB

For home network with long range coverage, you may consider Amped high power router Amped RTA15 Wireless AC High Power router.

Weatherproof outdoor product

The UA600EX high gain wireless USB adapter is designed with weatherproof housing which is ideal for outdoor installation, and is equipped with heavy duty 26 ft USB cable to help you install the adapter easily; and you can mount it in some options: desktop with a stand, on the wall or poles.

How secure? No worries, the adapter is compliant with industrial wireless security WPA/WPA2 encryption.


For covering extreme locations, the wireless router or the wireless AP in your main office you can add an external high gain Omni directional antenna to cover long distance coverage in all directions. For example you can use Amped A8EX high power 8dBi Omni-directional outdoor antenna kit. Omni-directional antennas broadcast the signal in all directions, and the computers in long distance areas with UA600EX high gain adapters should be arranged to point to your Omni-directional antenna in your main office. The figure shows an example of deployment the UA600EX USB adapters in long distance areas that join the Wifi network of the main office which uses the A8EX Omni-directional high gain antenna.

The Amped UA600EX high gain high power USB adapter is ideal for connecting the computers in long distances to the main Wifi network.

TP-Link TL-WN7200ND High Power N150 USB Adapter

Another solution you may also consider to solve the low signal strength for your computers with too many obstacles from the source of the signal (the wireless router) such as several walls away, use wireless high power USB TL-WN7200ND by TP-Link.

tplink wn7200nd high power adapter

TL-WN7200ND is based on the recent wireless N150 technology for speeds up to 150Mbpps.WIth the addition of high-power design up to 500mW, this adapter can do its task in penetrating through thick walls with minimal signal lost and keep the stable connection.

Main features

  • Speeds up to 150Mbps, high power up to 500mW
  • 5dBi external Omni-directional antenna
  • WPS compatible for secure connection to WPS-enable router with QSS button
  • Includes AP software to create network sharing for XP/Vista
  • Support Ad-Hoc or infrastructure mode
  • 92feet (1.5m) USB Extension Cable

TP-Link is a well known manufacturer in producing networking products with affordable prices compared with other competing networking manufacturers. You may have a look at its lines of products for comparison with other well known products such as those products by Linksys or Netgear.

For home wifi network with ADSL services, you may consider new generation of TP-link wireless AC ADSL router (Archer D7) – an all in one device for all your wifi network requirements.

Today, blanket your home with solid wifi signal by installing mesh wifi system – try this popular and affordable product – Meshforce M3 wifi system or Deco

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