Amped AP600EX High Power AP

Amped AP600EX is high power wireless n 600mw access point, indoor and outdoor usage, weatherproof plus high gain directional antenna.


Running a wireless network to cover long distance clients would not be possible with standard wireless router which is typically powered by 2dBi Omni-directional antenna. Omni-directional antenna broadcasts the wireless signal in 360 degrees all directions with the router in the center. Typically this standard 2dBi antenna can reach up to 300ft distance in ideal environment. The longer the distance, the weaker the signal strength is.

With your existing standard wireless router, to cover longer distance coverage you can add wireless signal booster antenna such as Amped WA12 12dBi high gain antenna. With this antenna booster you can get 2x the range of your existing signal. With the existing wired network in your industrial environment, to cover long distance clients you can add high power outdoor wireless access point with high gain directional antenna. Amped offers you AP600EX high gain wireless n access point.

What this product does

Amped AP600EX is one of the best high gain outdoor wireless access points which is powered by 600mW amplifier for extreme range and speed. Support the recent wireless N technology, AP600ex is ideal for high speed wireless N access point with long distance coverage up to 1.5mile. This is ideal in industrial or marine environment with many long distance clients that need connectivity to the main office.

Main features:

  • Powered by 600mW wireless N access point for extreme range and speed
  • Powered by high gain directional antenna for long distances up to 1.5 miles
  • Indoor and outdoor usage with weatherproof design
  • Plug and play setup

In industrial or marine environment, the outdoor wireless access point should be designed for harsh environment such as weatherproof, rust resistance and should be capable to operate under extreme temperature changes. Amped AP600EX is designed for outdoor (you can also use it for indoor environment) with high quality weatherproof enclosure material.

Amped high power AP

How easy to setup?

Amped AP600Ex is a plug and play wireless access point with three easy steps.

  1. Connect the AP600Ex to your existing router Ethernet port
  2. The AP600Ex will automatically configure  itself
  3. Clients connect to the AP600Ex – that’s it

Please note that you cannot connect the product to the native modem such as Surfboard SB6120 or Surfboard SB6141 cable modem, but you should connect to the existing local network or connect to the router. See also differences between wireless AP and router.

Smart Security Features

Unlike standard wireless AP which the wireless signal is On all the time (unless you power it off), the AP600Ex outdoor wireless access point can be managed using its smart security feature. Restrict the access based on users, or you can set the wireless availability based on the schedule you configure. And the good thing is that you can control the distance to cover through wireless output power adjustments.

Network diagram

The figure 2 shows common networking diagram for Amped AP600Ex high gain wireless outdoor access point with long distance small office to cover in industrial environment.

amped ap600ex outdoor ap diagram


  • High speed wireless N AP device
  • High gain and high power ideal for long distance range wireless coverage
  • Easy plug and play setup and configuration


  • Supports only single AP mode

For 5GHz band wireless AP, TP-link offers you WA7510n outdoor 5GHz wireless AP which can be operated in wireless AP, AP router and wireless client modes. For long range model, you may consider Wavelink WL 570Hal long range wireless AP
For businesses, you may consider business class POE wifi AC Access Point such as Ubiquiti Unifi AC-HD and TP-link EAP series.

Cheers, KG

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