Airport Extreme AC or Asus AC66U Meets Your Needs

Which one between Asus RT-AC66U and Apple Airport Extreme AC meets your business need?


Asus becomes one of the best vendors in wireless networking products particularly wireless routers in addition of computers and mobile devices products. Asus Black diamond series and recent wireless ac routers become flagship products for the last two years and some of them sit on top five of best seller routers in Amazon. RT-AC66U and RT-AC68U are two of Asus wireless ac routers that become most wanted product so far with high rated customer reviews.

On the other hand, Apple always comes with superior product you can trust the performance. Apple only introduces two wireless ac routers i.e. Airport Extreme and Time Capsule, while other vendors release various models of wireless ac routers.

Comparison Airport Extreme Vs Asus AC66U

Probably Mac users don’t want to purchase other than Apple products including wireless routers to support their home wifi network. But many people still want to opt in different products to accompany their home multimedia environment. Asus RT-AC66U or AC68U are two flagship products you can compare with Airport Extreme. How good they meet your business needs?

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Wifi technology

Based on the wifi technology, they apply the same 5G wifi technology – the wireless AC1750 that is designed to deliver the speeds of up to 1750Mbps total bandwidth. Moreover, they also design the products with the same beamforming antenna technology even though using different name. Asus exclusive AiRadar technology is basically using beamforming antenna technology. So does Airport extreme uses the same beamforming antenna for delivering strong signal to wifi clients, focus to each individual clients.

Asus AC66U comes with 3x external antenna with solid impression, while Extreme comes with 6x internal array located on top of the tower model router that impresses a nice look on your desk.

Apple Airport Extreme 6G
Apple Airport Extreme 6G Wireless AC router

Ethernet ports

Do you have more Ethernet based devices like desktop computers, XBOX, Blu-Ray and Smart-TV and more that close to where your router is located? For total Ethernet-based devices you may consider AC66U that comes with 4-Gigabit switch, while Airport Extreme gives you only three ports. Normally most people use only two or three ports for direct connection to the router, other further devices connect wirelessly.

USB Ports

This is probably that will make you consider Asus than Apple, the two USB ports on AC66U as opposed to only one on Airport. With twin USB ports you can concurrently host disk storage and printer devices, no need to switch between devices in using the port. Not only that, you can also connect 3G dongle for sharing cellular network. Do you need 3G sharing? Probably in some cases yes you do need it, for example when your team requires internet access behind the stage of a music concert or emergency response for a natural disaster where you cannot get the wired broadband internet access. That’s what a 3G share comes to help the team access the internet.

Guest network

Unlike Airport Extreme that allows you to create one guest network, Asus AC66U lets you create up to three network segments each band with different security settings including authentication methods, network key, time scheduling and intranet access. This multiple SSIDs is very beneficial in some cases you have to enforce different security settings for each of different groups of users.

Asus RT-AC66U

Cloud support

Airport extreme doesn’t come naturally with the cloud feature; probably Apple offers you iCloud services for cloud applications. Asus AC66U comes with AiCloud service to let you create a secure personal cloud with your disk connected to your USB port. You can download the AiCloud apps to manage your cloud from the palm of your hand. You can create your personal cloud disk (your USB attached storage) and even sync the files with your webstorage cloud disk account. With DynDNS you can also share all your stuffs on the network  including the computers that are accessible across the network and internet.

 On-Off button

Unlike Asus AC66U that is designed with the power on-off button, Airport Extreme doesn’t come with On Off button. The only way to turn off your Airport router you have to unplug the power cable from the wall power outlet. Or you may add a Conserve Power Switch by Belkin for about $7 to help you completely shut-off the power by switching the On-Off switch.

Time Machine

I’m not completely sure that Asus can work with Time machine, some reported that original setting cannot work. But Apple Airport Extreme is assure to work with Time Machine for Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later by pointing the system preference to your Airport extreme disk storage.

Comparison table Asus AC66U Vs Airport Extreme

 Asus AC66UAirport Extreme AC
Wifi technologyWireless ac1750 simultaneous dual bandSimultaneous dual band based on wireless ac1750
Wifi speedsUp to 450Mbps (2.4GHz) plus 1300Mbps (5GHz)Up to 450Mbps (2.4GHz) plus 1300Mbps (5GHz)
Antenna technology3x detachable and adjustable high power external antennas with Exclusive Asus AiRadar – beamforming technology6x internal antenna array with beamforming technology
Ethernet ports4-port Gigabit switch and 1x Gigabit WAN port3-port Gigabit switch and 1x Gigabit WAN port
USB ports2x USB 2.0 ports for Share storage and printer and 3G modem1x USB 2.0 for share storage or printer
Media serverDLNA media server and FTP server Samba and UPnP serverCertified DLNA media server
Time MachineNot sure, original configuration cannot – you may tryYes, natively
3G shareYesNo
VPN serverYesNo
Guest networkYes, 3x network each band and up to 8 users each networkYes
IPv6 readyYesYes
On Off buttonsPower On Off buttonN/A
Hardware performanceDual core 600MHz processor with 256MB RAM and 128MB FlashBroadcom processor with 512MB RAM and 128 MB Flash
Cloud supportAiCloud – unified app for iOS and Android devices, supports Windows, Mac, Linux – all accounts can sync with other AiCloud clients – accessible anywhere on the goN/A, except you sign on for iCloud services
PriceAround $128Around $189


Basically Asus AC66U comes with richer features than Extreme including one more Gigabit port, two USB ports, 3G share, multiple guest networks, and cloud features.

With the prices nearly the same, you may judge which one fits to your business needs.

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You may consider upgrading your aging wireless router with mesh wifi system such as affordable Meshforce M3 whole home wifi system but performance is excellent.

Cheers, KG

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