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Why WAP?

There are heaps of wireless access point (WAP) devices available in stores. Should you require one, which one is the best wifi access point product to choose, the best wireless access point device to meet your business need. For deployment in businesses, POE wifi access point product is preference to reduce the hassle of power cable installation.

In homes, you typically require wireless router connected to broadband modem to provide wireless network to support your mobile devices. For large homes you may require high speed wireless AC5300 router such as new D-link 895 or Nighthawk X8. Both are high end routers for homes, for middle class routers you may consider one of wireless AC1900 routers.

Or probably you prefer all-in-one device to build wifi network in homes, for cable subscribers you may consider Surfboard SBG6900, Nighthawk or Archer wifi cable router combo for easy installation and reducing clutter of devices. Unlike for homes, in businesses you require WAP devices, business class wireless APs to build large scale wifi network.

Business class WAP

In business offices the requirement of wifi connection is very essential to accommodate today’s business trend – connecting mobile devices to business or corporate networks including Android, iOS and Windows based mobile phone devices. Mobile phone devices are getting smarter in supporting the business tools including messages, accessing business files, business class security and still more. All of those small devices connect wirelessly to your business network.

WAP with POE

The easiest way to provide wifi access to mobile devices is by deploying wireless access points either mounted on the wall or ceiling, and you know that all of those devices require power and data cable to connect to the network. Data network can be transmitted by running CAT5e or CAT6 network cable from the WAP to the nearest Ethernet network switch, and the difficulty comes when there is no power outlets available in the points where you need to install the WAP devices on the ceiling.
Deploying WAP on the ceiling or on the wall require power outlet, on the wall is probably easier in providing power outlet. What about the power outlet on the ceiling? Thanks to POE wifi access point, the WAP that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). The best wireless access point for ceiling deployment is WAP that supports PoE feature such as Linksys LAPN600 series, Ubiquiti Unifi series or TP-link EAP220 / 330 series. So that’s why the best wifi access point for corporate or business network is the WAP devices that support PoE.

Ceiling or wall mounted WAP is typically deployed indoor in offices, inside the buildings. For those devices that must be deployed outdoor you should consider outdoor model WAP such as long range TP-link CPE510 Wifi AP by TP-link.

Various Models Business WAP

Many people hunting for the best wireless access point or any best electronic stuffs, that’s like shooting the moving target. You know that electronic technology evolves all the time, each year comes new models with richer features and newer technology. so what you need is the best wifi access point to meet your business need.

The following APs are couple of models based on wireless N technology, the wireless AP that supports PoE feature for businesses. The PoE wifi access point is one of the main features you require for your corporate networks.

To jump to latest wifi AC technology – click here Best business class POE wifi AC access point, the prices are more expensive however can support latest wifi ac technology.

1. Linksys LAPN600

One of standard business class WAP you may consider is the one offered by Linksys – the Linksys LAPN600. It’s a dual band WAP delivering total bandwidth of up to 600Mbps, ideal for small business offices you can install on the wall or ceiling. Easy to install with PoE supports, no need of providing the power outlet on the ceiling or on the wall, what you need is the POE switch or POE injector.

Linksys LAPN600 PoE AP


  • Supports POE integrated in the device
  • Simultaneous dual band supports
  • Speeds of up to 300Mbps each band for total bandwidth up to 600Mbps
  • Internal antennas 2×2 MIMO with high power amplifier
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Can be configured as WAP, WDS or Bridge
  • Business class security including rague AP detection, SSID to VLAN mapping

To see more technical specs and current price in Amazon, click the link below.

Click here for Linksys LAPN600 spec’s details and price.

This product is one of Linksys offers in business class wireless access point products for small businesses. Current rating in Amazon is excellent, above 4 out of 5 stars.

The latest version of business class Linksys AP is Linksys LAPAC2600 business pro series AP delivering total bandwidth up to 2600Mbps dual band and ready with MU-MIMO technology.

For homes with few devices, you may consider new Linksys EA7500 or D-link 879 with AC1900 technology. it’s good for medium to large homes. What about for large scale networks? Should your corporate requires hundreds of POE wifi access point deployment, you may consider WAP offered by TP-link (EAP220).

2. TP-link EAP220

Large scale deployment of hundreds of WAP devices is easier like ever before. TP-link offers affordable business class WAP, the best wifi access point for large scale deployment in corporate networks, campuses of schools that can consist of hundreds of devices easier with EAP controller software.

TP-link EAP220 POE Access point


  • Supports POE for easy installation on ceiling or wall
  • Based on wireless N600, dual band speeds of up to 600Mbps
  • Wifi guests authentication with captive portal
  • Business class wifi security including WPA/WPA2-enterprise, RADIUS, rogue AP detection and more
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • EAP controller software to help you manage hundreds of EAP devices within your corporate networks
  • Access control restriction for specific network segment

This TP-link EAP220 product is one of your best wireless access point to support your large corporate networks, easy to deploy with this POE wifi access point up to hundreds of devices with the inclusion of EAP controller software.

Click here for EAP220 spec details and current price

The latest version of TP-link business class AP is TP-link EAP330 wireless AC1900 AP delivering total bandwidth up to 1900Mbps dual band and ready with Beamforming, Band steering, and airtime fairness technologies.

Both Linksys and TP-link offer faster products in wireless AC technology you can select when the requirement for this high speeds wireless AC to support your business exists.

3. Ubiquiti Unified AP

Software application is the king of everything the mankind can develop to control the hardware. You may thank to TP-link EAP series with EAP software that can handle hundreds of AP devices. You will be impressed with what Ubiquiti develop with its enterprise series of AP devices. Ubiquiti offers you unify UAP wireless access point for your enterprise with affordable price, you can deploy thousands of AP devices with only one single software controller – free software. And with single cloud Unify controller software you can manage and control thousands of AP devices across nations, across sites, and multi tenant. This is the best wifi access point with affordable price for enterprise that can be deployed thousands of devices with single cloud Unify controller software.

Ubiquiti Unify AP


  • Ubiquiti UniFi UAP Wireless Access Point/Bridge
  • Based on wireless 802. 11b/g/n enterprise Wi-Fi System
  • High gain 23dBm to cover up to 400 ft
  • Wall/Ceiling mounting with included Kits
  • 24V 1A PoE Adapter included
  • It is highly durable and efficient

You may wonder to read more about this affordable product, the best wireless access point device for enterprise with thousands of AP devices deployment capability with single Unify software.

Click here for more details Ubiquiti Unify AP products

When your business environment is ready with wireless AC technology, you may consider Ubiquiti AP products with wireless AC based technology. See best seller Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO based on AC1750 technology.


Linksys offers affordable business class POE wifi access point – LAPN600 the best wireless access point for your small businesses. For large scale WAP devices in your corporate network you may consider TP-link EAP220 with EAP controller software that helps you manage up to hundreds of WAP devices deployment. For thousands of WAPs deployment you may consider Ubiquiti Unify AP product with cloud Unify controller software. This is one of your best wifi access point to support your large corporate / enterprise networks.

For integrated business class or enterprise class wireless access point, you may also consider Aruba IAP-205 wireless ac1200 access point. In instant mode AP you can deploy up to 16 APs and a single Aruba AP can be configured as primary controller and when this AP fails, another AP will ach as the primary controller. It’s something like failover AP.

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